Improve Your Personal Productivity

A staggering 85% of individuals reported having a hard time concentrating in their work environment.

31% of individuals can’t complete their work on time

The necessity for private space make more than 31% of employees leave their offices early to finish work home. Constant disturbances and interruptions by co-workers may also lead to working overtime, which means losing time from your personal life.


Interruptions lead to errors and health problems

Even after a 2.8-second interruption, individuals double their error rates. And their error rates triple after a 4.5 second distraction. People who are frequently interrupted at work reported 9% higher exhaustion rates and 4% increase in physical health problems, such as migraines or back pain.


Luxafor Mini

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The mini USB RGB LED indicator that works as your tiny personal assistant. It discreetly lights up when you receive an email, notifications, and events, ensuring you never miss any urgent information. No need to check your inbox every 10 minutes. Luxafor Mini saves you time and helps you never miss anything important.

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Luxafor Flag

From $28.00

The USB RGB LED light indicator that notifies everyone of your availability. A red light may indicate that you're busy and can't talk. But a green light would signal that you're open for conversation. Customizable colors and patterns allow for many other combinations and creative solutions to inform of your status and received notifications. Plus, the integrated Pomodoro timer keeps your productivity in check.

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Luxafor Bluetooth

Coming soon

The USB RGB LED light indicator that is powered by a built-in power bank. It can be attached to any surface and controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth. Alerts, notifications and information can be displayed wherever you place it: keep people out of your office with a red light when you’re focusing on important work, or view notifications remotely.

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