13 Best Corporate Gift Ideas You Don't want to miss 2019

The season of corporate gifting is that time of the year when many companies are troubled by the ultimate question – what could we gift this year that could encourage higher productivity, inspire cooperation, strengthen relationships and simply show that we care?

However small scale problem this may be, we know that this festive challenge can quickly turn into a last-minute Holiday nightmare if you haven’t had the time to go window shopping. To spare you the trouble, we went on a hunt to find the best corporate gift options out there, and here’s our top 13 best gifts for employees or business partners that are under or around $30!

Why is corporate gifting important?

Do you know what the leaders of big and successful companies like Apple, Yahoo, The Muse, Starbucks, General Electric and Google have in common?

They all have said it and lived by the idea that a company is nothing without the people that are a part of it. Whether you manage a small team of six out of a coworking space or oversee thousands across offices worldwide, you know that your employees and partners are invaluable to the success of your business — and you want to thank them beyond simply paying a salary.

So why not skip the tired and cheap “here’s the same corporate-gift-pen we gave out last year (and the year before)” scenario and treat your employees to these innovative, thoughtful and useful options instead. All of these options will provide real value to employers, employees, shareholders, investors, customers, partners and anyone who you wish to show gratitude to.

How to find a gift that actually provides value? To make it easier for you, we did all the hard work and compiled a list of our top 13 corporate gift options you can consider and choose from this Holiday season.

If you’re looking for a gift that the receiver will enjoy using every day and that will help them create the exact life they want, then look no further – this is it!

Office Hero Planner isn’t just a daily calendar. Packed with easy & actionable steps to take, it becomes a nifty guide to accomplishing any personal and business goals in just 90 days by measuring what no technology can.

Office Hero has already proven its’ benefits in major companies like YouTube, Google, Logitech, Bank of America, Hulu, Facebook, Etsy, and many others.

A great feature to appreciate is its natural materials – Office Hero is printed on 100% recycled paper certified by FSC, and even it’s sleek design cover material is created from 100% recycled paper.

There is a Facebook community called Productivity Heroes created by the authors of Office Hero Planner that brings together the users all over the world to support each other on the road to becoming a better Hero.

Everyone will appreciate this level of kindness in you- your employers, your employees, investors, shareholders, partners, customers… Companies or individuals, even your brother who works from home – everyone will be glad to receive a productivity-boosting tool that’s sophisticated and very useful.

This is the ultimate gift that shows your care and appreciation of the receiver. With a guarantee of better performance, who wouldn’t love to give such a gift?

2. Personalized KeepCup for $15.00

Source: KeepCup

Sometimes, a day can get significantly better if you can have your favorite coffee or tea on the go! Here’s a perfect way of gifting a green alternative to that. Featuring a leak-proof lid and tempered glass, this reusable cup is lightweight, durable and barista standard. 

The KeepCup is already an icon of the industry, allowing millions of people around the world to enjoy their favorite beverages without all the waste. You can choose your corporate colors or even request a fully-customized quote with your logo printed on the non-slip band or the glass! Think green – if you gifted a KeepCup to 50 people, how many single-use plastics you could spare!

3. Press & Infuse Bottle for $30.00

We all know that we should stay hydrated. However, most of the time we get too busy to remember to drink or just reach for sugary drinks because they taste better. This unique bottle lets you squeeze fresh fruit into the water without getting your hands sticky.

It has a nifty compartment that presses and holds your favorite infusions like lemon and lime. Above all, it keeps you healthy. A fun way to enjoy delicious flavors without adding sugar, it makes a great corporate gift with an added value of improved wellbeing.

If you’re looking for a gift that the receiver will actually use and that will help them to achieve something great every day, then look no further – this is it!

Luxafor Flag is an availability indicator that shows notifications and becomes your personal assistant that can improve office productivity by 78%! It has shown incredible results and is a great option for corporate gifts, as you know it will actually be used for years and years and always remind the receiver of you and your company.

Luxafor Flag has proven its’ benefits in major companies like YouTube, Google, Logitech, Bank of America, Hulu, Facebook, Etsy, and many others.

A great feature to consider is customizing it for a personal touch that truly shows your appreciation – Luxafor Flag has the perfect space for your company logo to be engraved on it, so every time the receiver is using your gift, it actually visually reminds them of you.

Luxafor Flag is the best gift you can give to anyone – your employers, your employees, investors, shareholders, partners, customers… Companies or individuals, even your brother who works from home – everyone will be glad to receive a productivity-boosting tool that’s sophisticated and very useful.

5. Office Desktop Planter for $22.50-33.25

Corporate gift: Kikkerland Desktop Planter

Source: Kikkerland

Relationships, corporate including, are pretty much like having a garden – you need to tend them. Gift something that they’ll have to care for – plants! Plants make amazing office buddies and the benefits of having a plant on a desk reach way beyond the decorative aspect.

These minimal and beautiful office desk planters from Kikkerland allow you to gift a more beautiful and healthier workspace. In fact, having plants in the office has been linked to increased productivity. The concrete planters not only make a pretty place to have your plants in, but also to store pens, business cards and any other tiny office supplies.

Stock the planter with small-size snake plants, aloe, cute succulents or any other low-maintenance office plants, and you’ll have an adorable corporate gift that has a deeper meaning!

6. Grow Kit for $20.00

Now here’s an original gift that also displays a caring gesture. Why not gift something that involves the receiver in an activity, such as gardening? Perfectly suited as well for those who do not have the green fingers, this Tomato Takeover Grow Kit includes everything to help one cultivate three varieties of tomatoes.

It’s a great gift for foodies and gardeners alike, but it also makes a unique and valuable corporate gift, as the joy of tasting a home-grown tomato is indeed priceless. In fact, according to the reviews, the grow kit can turn into quite a harvest of these juicy fruits, so the gift receiver will have all the possibilities to make many delicious meals out of it. A wonderful gift that says “Let’s grow together!”.

7. Customized Power Banks

Power banks are a great gift idea, but it has been used quite a bit lately in corporate gifting… The solution, if you still want to go down the road of “giving power” this Holiday season is to order a customized design. Sure, you can put your company logo on it, but how about spicing things up with gifting a power bank of a custom 3D shape?

Choose from eco-friendly and practical designs to maybe a bit silly, but truly unique styles that will help the gift receivers charge their phones as well as their good vibes. With a customized design, power banks can become a useful, practical and interesting corporate gift to give and receive.

8. Pop Sockets for $15.00

Source: Popsockets

Dubbed as the hottest phone accessories right now, phone grips are actually a pretty handy tool plus it can make a unique and trendy corporate gift. Popsockets grips are very affordable phone accessories that are small and simple, but nevertheless practical. 

These round buttons stick to the back of any phone and expand whenever they need a grip or a stand. You can easily customize the Popsocket with your logo or with a trendy design, and it will become the gift your employees will wish you had gifted them earlier. It helps to take photos, text, and hold their phone without worrying about dropping it, or prop it up to stream content and video chat for a more productive hands-free communication!

9. Mini Hand Sanitizers for $24.99

Olika Minnie Hand Sanitizer Gift

You might think that hand sanitizers are for neat freaks only, but actually they make really good corporate gifts – especially if they’re created smart just like Olika Minnie ones. Containing more than 500 sprays each, these adorable mini hand sanitizers have a twist-lock mechanism and are a perfect fit for any office desk drawer.

They can easily fit into a small purse or a pocket even, ensuring clean hands on-the-go. What’s even more awesome is that they combine non-irritating cleansers with natural essential oils like bergamot and spearmint to deliver a soothing, hydrating experience.

10. A 4-in-1 Phone Stand for $19.90

A thoughtful gift that will be appreciated by nearly anyone – the 4-in-1 Phone Stand! Featuring a light-up logo to add a modern and stylish spotlight for your branding, it’s a super versatile and useful corporate gift to give. It can function as a phone stand, Bluetooth speaker and wireless charger at the same time!

The all-in-one functionality is perfect for cramped desks as well as for an on-the-go solution. However, if your coworkers or employees start having issues with who controls the music, you might as well consider gifting these ANC headphones.

11. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for $14.00

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot cocoa, tea or coffee at their work desk? Well, we thought the same – everybody loves a hot drink! But the problem usually is that you make a cup of a hot beverage and by the time you get to actually enjoy it after completing 100000 tasks, it’s gone cold… 

The solution is this clever device that keeps your mug warm, so you can crack on with your tasks and take a sip of a hot drink at any time. The convenient on/off switch with on light indicator lets you know when it’s hot. With its extended cord length to use almost anywhere, this will be your employees’ favorite gift to use daily!

12. Caricature Wall

If you really want to take corporate gifting to another level, then personalized caricatures of employees on your office wall could be the best option for you! This is a great way to show appreciation and improve the design of your workplace with this great touch of personality.

Caricature Wall offers two sizes to choose from and you can always contact the company beforehand to make sure your ideas align with realistic deadlines. Excellent option if you want to showcase your gift to everyone who visits the office!

13. Charity

Holidays are about giving, and there is probably no better way to celebrate it than to give a helping hand to those in need. These Lucy Says I Do cards feature beautiful hand-made Holiday designs, and they donate 15% of their net proceeds from the sale to a registered charity in the UK – Teenage Cancer Trust.

That’s only one option of choosing a corporate gift that supports a greater cause. However, a truly personalized and touching gesture is to create a custom greeting card from your company, and besides sending out your warmest wishes, denote that this year your company will donate its corporate gift budget to a charity of any kind.

Or you could send your corporate peers a gift of something symbolic with the encouragement to make a donation for a greater cause. That’s an idea if you want to give a truly meaningful corporate gift this year.

Bottom Line

That concludes our Top 13 best corporate gifts of 2019. Choosing the perfect corporate gift for this year depends on your budget and the message you want to send out to your peers, so the choice is up to you.

You can always try another path – offer a free gym membership, SPA gift cards or any other experience. This was our list of the best gift finds and corporate gift ideas on the net to help you show your appreciation of people that make your company better by being a part of it!

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