7 Best CO2 Sensors and Air Quality Monitors for Home and Office

While the polluted air outdoors is easily detectable by the look, smell, and even taste of it, air pollution indoors is hard to detect without a proper device. To help you make the decision on which air quality and CO2 monitor to choose, here’s our 7 top performing air quality sensors for your home or office!

How to Keep On Track With Your Health Goals During a Pandemic

How to Keep On Track With Your Health Goals During a Pandemic

The new work-from-home environment has made us dull, lethargic, and less productive. Therefore, it is imperative to get up, set some core health goals, and boost productivity. Here are some useful tips for you to keep your health goals in check during the pandemic.

Tips To Measure Your Employees Productivity While Working From Home

One study estimated that 73% of entire US employees would be working from home by 2028. But implementing work from home policy isn’t without challenges.The biggest challenge that most managers face is ‘how to measure the productivity of employees?’ Here’s how.

5 Tips to Make Your Remote Team More Productive

Several organizations are beginning to embrace remote work models. Your team might be new to working remotely or even be familiar with the model; you must keep improving on productivity and work output. Listed below are tips that can help your remote team become more productive.

11 Tools & Strategies to Make Meetings More Efficient and Actually Productive

11 Tools & Strategies to Make Meetings More Efficient and Actually Productive Everybody hates meetings. More often than not, they’re uncontrollably long and don’t do much to arrive at a better conclusion than: some work needs to be done. In fact, most meetings turn out unproductive, as executives consider 67% of meetings to be failures. […]

Time For Time Management: Ten Books To Supercharge Your Productivity

Everyone can access greater productivity. By making the right conceptual shifts in your approach to productivity combines with good time management habits you can become a more effective person. Read on for the best books about productivity and time management – these books should be at the top of your to-do list.

13 Best Free Website Blocker Apps for Boosting Your Productivity (2020)

While there are many roundabout ways to fix the productivity issue, the most immediate solution is simply – stop browsing web. Like for any problem there’s a problem-solving product. So here’s our ultimate list of 13 best website blocker apps that will help you avoid distractions for enhanced office productivity.

7 Ways That Coffee Actually Affects Productivity

Coffee is incredible. This is not unusual for both employers and employees to search for a caffeinated beverage if they require a little of a boost of motivation. When taken in the correct amount and at the right moment, it will allow for an incredible productivity fix. Here’s 7 ways that coffee actually affects productivity!