5 Ways to Help Employees Be More Productive In the Post-Pandemic World

The way employees used to work has been interrupted. In this pandemic, employers need to find new and innovative ways to keep their workforce engaged, motivated and productive. And more so, as now they are not available in the office room physically. Let’s take a look into the five best practices to mitigate the consequences of this crisis and ways for employees to continue to drive productivity in your workplace.

Procrastination When WFH: 9 Non-Standard Secrets From a Freelancer

Chances are, you are reading this article on how to beat procrastination instead of working on an important task. Am I right? You just keep looking for an explanation why you are constantly distracted by all sorts of things that have nothing to do with your work. Yes, this is procrastination. So I decided to share some tips that helped me. Some of them may seem unusual to you, and some may even contradict each other, but they work. Just try them and choose the methods that are right for you.