What If You Could Get Closer To Your Goals Within One Year?


What is DON'T BREAK THE CHAIN calendar?

A beautifully designed calendar that simply works with you, for you.

Based on the famous 1 per cent formula that works for compound interest growth, If you aim to improve yourself  by 1% each day, in only 70 days you’ll be twice as good as you are now. Imagine what improvement you could see in 365 days!

This begins with small steps. Pick one thing you want to get better at, and do it every day. Mark a big red X on that day. And don’t break the chain.


Based on the worldwide renown DON'T BREAK THE CHAIN technique, this calendar is designed to work for you and with you. You just have to ask yourself what is that big goal of yours that always seems unreachable. Once you know what that is, follow these simple steps:

Dont Break The Chain Calendar

1. Break your big goal into smaller tasks that you think could get you there, if done regularly, but somehow you can't find time for these activities. Keep breaking those tasks into smaller ones until you find the tasks that are meaningful enough to make a difference, but simple and actionable enough that you can get done on a day-to-day basis.

2. Once you have found these small and actionable tasks, pick one you will commit to for the benefit of reaching your goal.

3. Do the activity EVERY DAY for the next 365 days. Every day you succeed at doing it, mark a big fat red X on this calendar. Day after day you'll see the Xs making a beautiful chain.



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    Cardboard calendar for 365 days. Dimensions: 7.87" H x 8.26" W .
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    Red marker to draw the big, fat Xs with
  • Special material stickers for attaching the calendar to any surface hassle and residue-free
  • BONUS: a download link with informational guidance on HOW NOT TO BREAK THE CHAIN

Free For A Limited Time Only


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  • Because you have a major goal you wish you could achieve. It could be anything - learn more languages, spend more time with family, travel the world, be healthier, become super-wealthy etc.
  • You don't know how to reach these goals or where to start.
  • You procrastinate on doing something towards the goal because of "no free time for that".
  • This is the one technique that is time-tested by many super-successful people in the world.


I designed the first version of DON'T BREAK THE CHAIN calendar 5 years ago for myself, printed it out, put it on my wall, got a red marker and begun my journey. Thanks to it I have built 3 new healthy habits and learned 2 new languages, all of which have contributed to my biggest goal of all- to improve myself for a successful life.

Now that I have tested it and created a really beautiful design for the physical calendar, I feel the urge to share this amazing technique with the world! Also, I will only offer this for free for a very short period of time, without letting anyone know when the offer ends. I want to make sure my calendar is received ONLY by these people who are serious about their goals and ready to change their lives. If you're one of them, click on the button below and get yours now while you can!


But don't take my word for it - check out what other people say about gaining real results by using this calendar.

My big goal was always to become an independent editor or writer one day. But life threw me an opportunity to work in a bank as a clerk, so I took it. 10 years behind the same desk, no free time after work...of course I forgot about my big dream. But last year my husband gifted this calendar to me and it helped me change my mindset, remember my goal, set a task of writing just 200 words every day for 365 days and -boom! I have quit my clerk job, signed with a publisher and will be releasing a book on my journey to self-motivation in the middle of next year. I'm so glad I was gifted the calendar last year, as it totally worked both for me and with me. 

Anne-Bethany Corn, Motivational Author

Luxafor CEO
Luxafor CEO
Luxafor CEO
Don't break the chain calendar feedback

 I found the DON'T BREAK THE CHAIN technique by visiting a friend at his office. Surprised about a calendar on the wall with many red Xs on it, I asked what he's marked there. As skeptical as I usually am, I thought i'd give it a try for a week. Man, was I shocked on how addicted I became on my goal to not break the chain. This kept me motivated to keep going for a whole month, then two months and now it's my second DON'T BREAK THE CHAIN calendar on my wall. I have become super-healthy because I built a habit to exercise every day last year due to having mini-calendars in front of my eyes in my car, at my desk, in my planner, by my bed and even on my fridge! Now onto spending 30 minutes a day on meditation. It's seriously addictive - you should try it!

Zack Mileszky,  Project Manager

Don't break the chain calendar feedback

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