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Office Hero Planner allows you to reclaim control over your life choices and make smarter daily decisions without making excuses.

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Office Hero Planner - business goal setting journal and personal achievement tracker in one compact notebook.

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Office Hero Planner is an epic way to take back control over your life choices and make smart daily decisions without making excuses.

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Inspired by the mission of the team, Office Hero Planner is making our digital lifestyles more palpable.


At the end of each day you look back at the day gone by and literally spend less than 2 minutes on checking off four important scores that affect your overall being - a truly remarkable & quick insight on what affects your daily performance.


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Something I've been looking for - a combo of a classic planner and a positivity journal! Pros: 100% recycled paper really hits the spot for me - well done! Methodology seems cool, considering the mixture of the best productivity techniques out there and the positive mindset training elements. Cons: No cons

Aleksis Apinitis
Employee Onboarding and Training Specialist

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Stop unwanted obstacles at the root

Learn who you are with quick daily insights

Always finish what you started

Reward yourself for your achievements

What Our Customers Say

Kate Kaulakalna
Kate Kaulakalna
Freelance Writer
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The most practical daily planner I've tried. The daily and weekly review systems are useful for keeping track of my overall life satisfaction. Also, I like that it encourages to improve on one habit every month. For me it's a perfect agenda and a journal all in one. Thank you, guys!
Thomas Chrétien
Thomas Chrétien
Multidisciplinary UX Designer
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The methodology in this planner is powerful yet super easy to follow, as it only takes a few minutes a day to review how it went , and you always have free access to an online platform filled with actionable tips and tricks on how to achieve and maintain a balanced lifestyle that supports both your mental and physical health within your workplace and outside.
Russell J. Zera
Russell J. Zera
Manager of Agile Development at Elsevier
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I LOVE your Office Hero Planner book,I bought one and it has transformed my life! Thanks!

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Office Hero Planner - your way to become who you want to be by measuring what no technology can.

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