Introducing the Ultimate Productivity Combination

Luxafor + PomoDone integration

Luxafor is a small gadget that is changing the way people communicate their availability in open spaces. Double your productivity by indicating if you're busy or available while fully focusing on the task at hand.

Unlock limitless possibilities

Time tracking with Pomodoro technique

We all have faced the stress of not having enough time. But the problem is not in the lack of time itself, it lays in not using the given time efficiently. Pomodoro technique trains your brain to focus for short periods of time and helps you stay on top of deadlines and constantly refilling inboxes. With PomoDone app, time tracking becomes super-easy and convenient, as you can follow time spent on tasks from (almost) any task management service in the world.

Task management

Businesses – large or small – juggle numerous projects, plans, tasks, and people. And, if you are not using a project management software, chances are that you might be wasting a lot of time and effort on things that can easily be automated or dealt with in a better way. According to a study, two-third of successful companies are using project management software for managing their projects and communication purposes. Thus, having a project management software can help you plan better and keep the project information and resources under one roof.

Eliminate distractions

Multiple studies confirm that it takes an average of 25 minutes to return to the original task after an interruption. Distractions don't just eat up time during the distraction itself, they derail your mental progress for up to 30 minutes afterward (that's assuming another distraction doesn't show up in that half hour).

Luxafor + PomoDone is the best way to exclude any distractions, as it helps you focus on the task at hand by indicating if you're busy or available to others. 

Introducing Luxafor + PomoDone App features

This integration is the ultimate combination of productivity software and hardware with unlimited task tracking, management and automation opportunities.

Use Luxafor LED lights to serve as a visual availability indicator, eliminating distractions from colleagues.

Use Luxafor LED lights to never miss important notifications again by setting up tasks when you wish to be notified.

Luxafor hardware comes in 2  variants for your office layout needs and personal convenience: Luxafor Flag and Luxafor Bluetooth.

Use Luxafor indicators during pomodoro sessions and never miss a break again, achieving a great work-rest balance.

Limitless personalisation possibilities: use existing integrations or build your own by using workflow automation tools Zapier for PomoDone and IFTTT for Luxafor.

This new way of workspace communication aligns with the future of modern offices and digital communication. Expect Luxafor to become the mainstream in open spaces.

Kristians Licis

CEO and co-founder of Luxafor company

Set up this integration in 3 simple steps:

1: Get the most convenient Luxafor device based on your needs and work space.

2: Install the Luxafor software on your computer, enter your Luxafor ID  in PomoDone app.

3: Enjoy! Your accounts are connected and you're all set up for double productivity!

Luxafor + PomoDone integration offers 3 major benefits:

Master work-rest balance using Pomodoro technique, as you can set up work and break times and never miss visual indications that it's time to take a break.

Eliminate distractions to your workflow, by communicating your availability with Luxafor LED devices and receiving only the most important notifications.

Save cash  and double your productivity by making the purchase of both the hardware and the software.

Luxafor products are already used by:

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What customers say about Luxafor + PomoDone integration

Brad Jones


In our office, PomoDone has been a crucial tool for precise time-tracking with Google tasks. We thought that nothing better could come our way, but it did. We were excited to find out that PomoDoneApp has made an integration with Luxafor, as ,when combined, they have truly doubled the productivity levels in our company. This has improved our workspace communication and completely removed the issue of distracting each other during important tasks.

Estere Jankovska

HR manager

Luxafor has truly changed our office environment. By showing availability with lights, we have eliminated unwanted distractions from colleagues (and we had A LOT of those prior to Luxafor). Excellent integration with PomoDoneApp, my team uses it to track time spent on tasks we create on Trello. Thanks for making my team feel in control of their time and availability!

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