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Luxafor Affiliate Program

Luxafor is more than just the world’s paramount productivity tool brand. We inspire hard-workers everywhere with a razor-sharp focus on being the most helpful in-office and in real life. Everyone armed with our cutting-edge peripherals and infoproducts, including systems, LED availability indicators, headsets, environmental monitors, E-books and more get the unfair winning advantage.

Luxafor™ -Work Smarter. Earn More.™

The Luxafor Affiliate Program is committed to working with motivated partners to help us put the best efficiency-boosting products in the hands of office workers and productivity enthusiasts everywhere. Be rewarded for doing something great for the world.

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Luxafor’s clever light, which connects to your computer via USB or Bluetooth, communicates to your co-workers when it’s okay to talk to you and when it’s not. Kind of like a traffic stoplight, the little, rectangular plastic unit shines green when you’re all ears and red when you’re not. It sure beats asking your co-workers to talk to the hand or flipping them the bird!

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Feeling less guilty, working better in a team, and being more productive are three of the cornerstones of Luxafor. Their focus is on creating a better working environment, where you and your colleagues respect each other’s light – and time.

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