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  • Luxafor-Power-Bank

    Luxafor Power Bank

    $ 19.00

    Luxafor Power Bank is the key feature that powers the LED Dot – a significant part of both Luxafor Bluetooth and Luxafor Switch devices that are designed to be wireless and provide mobility to their users.

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  • Luxafor USB-C to USB-A cable 0.3m

    Luxafor USB-C to USB-A cable 0.3m

    $ 8.99

    Compatible with: Switch PRO, Bluetooth PRO, Smart Button, Busy Tag.

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  • Luxafor 1.5m ~59 inches USB-A cable

    Luxafor 1.5m/ ~59 inches USB-A cable

    $ 8.99

    USB-A to USB-Micro cable, 1.5m/ ~59 inches. Compatible with Flag, Switch, Bluetooth, Orb, Cube, Pomodoro Timer, CO2 Monitor, and Mute Button.

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    Luxafor Flag displays your availability and ensures you only get visual notification cues on what’s important to you.

    Luxafor Bluetooth Shows workspace availability and notifications in real- time within 25 meters distance.

    Luxafor Switch shows workspace and meeting room availability in real- time within 25 meters distance from the remote unit.

    A must-have custom LED timer for Pomodoro technique that is easy to set up and simple to use. 

    Luxafor Cube allows to show workspace and meeting room availability in real-time with four colors.

    Luxafor ANC Headphones help you eliminate the number one workplace distraction – noise – to deliver exceptional results.

    What Our Customers Say

    Nathan Duersch
    Nathan Duersch
    Director of Operations at Symantec
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    I've used a few Luxafor products and have found them to be simple, effective, and cost-saving. I purchased the Luxafor Flag for my team as we work in an "open office" environment. The flags have helped my team deflect "walk ups," which has improved their efficiencies. We now have other departments asking where they can get those "cool flags".
    Michele Bertoli
    Michele Bertoli
    Front End Engineer at Facebook
    Read More
    I can now tell everyone when I’m busy or free. It's been very effective. I use the red signal sparingly and no one interrupted me so far. My next goal is to play with the Webhook API : )
    Kayln Denniston
    Kayln Denniston
    Client Success Manager at EventBooking
    Read More
    Fantastic service, really showed they wanted to help and were willing to look into the Gmail integration. With the suggestion of using Zapier I have been able to integrate and accomplish exactly what I was looking for and more. Thank you! Looking forward to using this tool more and more.

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