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Improve workplace communication and concentration

What is Luxafor?

Luxafor is a series of productivity tools that makes it easy to stay focused on tasks at hand. Notify your co-workers when you're immersed in work and can't be bothered, achieve concentration by cancelling out disturbing noises.

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Luxafor Flag

From $31.00

Availability indicator

Personal LED assistant

Streamline your workspace communication

Luxafor Bluetooth

Luxafor Bluetooth


Wireless control

Attachable to any surface and location

Remotely display notifications or show availability of rooms

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Luxafor

Luxafor ANC Headphones


Active noise cancelling and Bluetooth connection

Significant noise reduction in office environment

Comfortable with additional padding

"Concentrate all your thoughts upon 
the work in hand.
The Sun's rays
not burn until brought to a focus."

"Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work in hand.
The Sun's rays
do not burn until brought to a focus."

-Alexander Graham Bell

Achieve the highest levels of productivity and focus with Luxafor.

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Luxafor Flag features

Luxafor Flag isn't just a status indicator - added features like the timer, pomodoro, or possible integrations with productivity and notification apps, make Luxafor Flag your personal assistant!

Solid color




Productivity apps

Hot Keys

Skype for Business (Win only)

Microsoft Teams (Win only)

Cisco Jabber (Win only)

Luxafor Early Access Integration on Zapier

Zapier (Early Access)

Open source

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Luxafor Flag
Luxafor Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
Luxafor Flag
Luxafor Bluetooth
Luxafor Active Noise Cancelling ANC Headphones
Luxafor Bluetooth green

What customers say

In an open office layout, Luxafor has helped us to create protective safe zones for designers to stay engaged and increase their productiveness. Once adopted, you realize it is such a healthy courtesy to give your fellow worker in the cube next to you their much needed focused time.

If the light is green, say what you mean. If the light is red, talk and you're dead

Brad Jones, Advent

Brad Jones

I use Luxafor Flag to show my team how concentrated I am. Red does not mean they can't talk to me - but they should think twice before interrupting me. Green means they can interrupt me at any time. I like that Luxafor is simple and functional. You install it with a magnet where ever you want it to be seen and connect it via USB. The downloadable software is easy to use. You change the color using presets or a slider for free color selection. You can adjust the brightness also. If you want to connect the product to third party software or an API, you can do that.

Guido Richter

Guido Richter

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