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What if you could get an extra hour in a day – wouldn’t that be awesome? Unfortunately, we don’t have the knowledge (yet) to share any successful time-warping methods, however there is a widely used technique that allows you to hack your time management to its full potential.

5 Science-Backed Reasons Why Paper Planners Are Better Than Digital Planners and Calendars

No matter if you’re a die-hard business person, freelance artist, stay-at-home parent or an office regular, you must have some sort of a system to plan, organize and prioritize your tasks and events. That system is crucial to getting things done – whether it stays on your Google calendar, all over your fridge on post-its, or on your paper planner.   The rise of digital devices has heavily diminished our habits of note taking, journaling and plan setting on paper. Do you even remember the last time you wrote down more than 2 sentences by hand? Whatever we do and wherever we go, we seem to never forget to take our phones with us. So, clearly, many are moving their organizational systems to the digital world. 

7 Budget-friendly Productivity Planners Under $30 (2020)

Planners. If you don’t have one, within a couple minutes you’ll feel like you need one. Sure, you might say that you manage your plans just as well without a paper agenda. But did you know that many planners on the market are specifically tailored to manage your plans and make you a more organized, productive and motivated person?

How Hacing A Do Not Disturb Light Can Increase Your Office Productivity- Luxafor Blog

You’ve probably heard of do not disturb lights in the office, and maybe a colleague or a friend of yours have told you more about it. However, it’s likely that if you haven’t yet got one for yourself or your coworkers (as a corporate gift, maybe?), you’re not aware of all the benefits that come with having a do not disturb light.   Besides helping to indicate whether you’re available or not, there are so many benefits to equipping your office with do not disturb lights. To help you on deciding whether you and your coworkers should get one for your office, we decided to enlighten you on how to use a do not disturb light in your office for maximum productivity.

The Surprising Benefits of Doing These 7 Mindfulness Exercises at the Office

If you struggle to focus, find yourself easily stressed, and have a hard time relaxing and letting go of racing thoughts, it’s a sure sign it’s your mind that needs to be taken care of. The mind can be compared to a hard drive – constantly reading, recording and storing information. But unlike a computer or a mobile device that warns you when you’re out of space, our mind doesn’t really send out such signals directly, but rather starts having unexpected errors throughout the mind and body system.   Just as you need to clean the storage space for your device to run smoothly, you need to take care of your headspace as well. The key to a healthy and focused mind lies in different approaches and practices, encompassed in one term – mindfulness. What is mindfulness? Source: Unsplash   There are still a lot of misinterpretations of the term …

Best Corporate Gifts 2019 Luxafor

The season of corporate gifting is that time of the year when many companies are troubled by the ultimate question – what could we gift this year that could encourage higher productivity, inspire cooperation, strengthen relationships and simply show that we care? However small scale problem this may be, we know that this festive challenge can quickly turn into a last-minute Holiday nightmare if you haven’t had the time to go window shopping. To spare you the trouble, we went on a hunt to find the best corporate gift options out there, and here’s our top 13 best gifts for employees or business partners that are under or around $30!

5 Habits for Productive After-Work Routine

After a long eight hours spent at the office, it can often be tempting to come home and head straight for the couch. Sure, a couple of hours of rest and relaxation is well-needed after a day full of meetings, phone calls, and whatever other tasks are necessary to get the job done. However, how often do

7 Super Smart and Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated at Work

We’re sure you know this all too well that water is pretty cool for your bodily functions and you should pretty much make sure to drink it throughout the day. But how do you manage?

9 Step Strategy How to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance for Employees + FREE PDF ACTION PLAN

Unless you’re a diehard workaholic or Michael Scott, most probably work doesn’t equal your personal life. However, despite being eager to have a fulfilling social and private life, 60% of Americans struggle to maintain a good work-life balance.   You don’t even have to be an entrepreneur or a freelancer to be a bit too involved in your work. This is a widespread issue that affects employees no matter their craft or industry. According to this study, 46% of employees say they never have time to relax, 33% believe they work too hard, and 60% say there are not enough hours in the day to complete all of their tasks. Does this sound like you?