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Luxafor ANC Headphones let performance-driven teams take control over the
number one workplace distraction - noise - to deliver exceptional results.

Luxafor ANC Headphones - wireless headphones with active noise cancelling technology

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office workers in productive companies worldwide, such as:
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Luxafor ANC Headphones feature new-age technology to eliminate any distracting noises to help you focus better and achieve deep productivity.

Sounds like you?

unproductive interruptions

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"Luxafor Headphones helps to keep my focus on the tasks at hand. It’s a necessary tool for anyone working in an open-office."

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Egils Zarins
UX designer at evolution gaming

How It works

Luxafor Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Luxafor ANC Headphones Specifications

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What Our Customers Say

Davis Rore
Davis Rore
Software Architect at Creatively
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My workplace has never been so quiet. Definitely worth it.
Kate Russet
Kate Russet
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I use my headphones mainly with the noise cancelling on and no music, as this helps me with staying in the zone when working on tough projects. Must say that they are extremely high quality for the low price, so I highly recommend!
Jeff Cloyden
Jeff Cloyden
People operations manager at 99ledballoons
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Excellent service, answered all my questions to make sure I order these only if they meet my expectations regarding quality, as I travel a lot and need to ensure they function wherever I am and keep me secluded from surrounding noise. Definitely exceeded my expectations!

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Luxafor ANC Headphones- must have
wireless headphones for increased
focus and productivity


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