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Busy Tag – Your Digital Canvas

Busy Tag -Your Digital Canvas High resolution color display with a built-in LED lining, a powerful tool for expressing yourself every step of the way - at work, at home or while you are studying.

Luxafor Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Meet LUXAFOR anc HEADPHONES Luxafor ANC Headphones let performance-driven teams take control over the number one workplace distraction – noise

Luxafor Bluetooth

Meet Luxafor BLUETOOTH Boost personal and corporate productivity and collaboration with Luxafor Bluetooth – The Wireless Busy Light for Modern

Luxafor Bluetooth PRO

The Luxafor Bluetooth Pro is the ultimate productivity gadget for individuals and corporations. Control your workflow and avoid distractions with ease. Order now and take control of your workday.

Luxafor CO2 Dongle

Plug Luxafor CO2 Dongle into your computer, car USB, or any other USB power source to get notified when to ventilate your space.

Luxafor CO2 Monitor

Meet LUXAFOR CO2 MONITOR Luxafor CO2 Monitor lets you know by alarm that a room needs ventilation so that you

Luxafor Cube

Luxafor Cube is a standalone LED busylight that displays meeting room, cubicle or workplace availability by switching color statuses. It is designed to indicate workspace and meeting room availability in real-time with four color options. Luxafor Cube operates without software and can be used within environments with a strict security policy. If you need a "cubicle do not disturb light," Luxafor Cube is the perfect solution. It can be set to display a red light when you are busy or do not want to be disturbed, letting your colleagues know that you are not available.

Luxafor Flag USB busy light

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Boost your workplace productivity with Luxafor Flag, a powerful busy light that helps individuals and teams stay focused and organized. This LED do not disturb indicator integrates with various tools and is designed to eliminate distractions and improve your workflow. Shop the range of productivity tools and gadgets at

Luxafor Mute Button

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Eliminate distractions with Luxafor Mute Button - a physical USB LED microphone mute button with red and green lights to indicate mute status. Compatible with all tools that mute the mic computer-wide. Order now on

Luxafor Orb

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Take control over workplace distractions with Luxafor Orb, a visual status indicator device designed to enhance productivity in both small and large office environments

Luxafor Pomodoro Timer

Improve your focus and productivity with Luxafor Pomodoro Timer, a powerful productivity tool that helps eliminate distractions and improve workflow. Shop the range of productivity gadgets at

Luxafor Smart Button

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Meet Luxafor smart button This multifunctional task management tool will offer you unlimited possibilities and options. Luxafor Smart Button provides