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The Luxafor Bluetooth Pro is the ultimate productivity gadget for individuals and corporations. Control your workflow and avoid distractions with ease. Order now and take control of your workday.

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2nd Generation advanced Luxafor Bluetooth PRO wireless busy light allows efficiency-focused businesses and individuals to reduce workplace distractions and streamline productivity to achieve more.

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Luxafor Bluetooth PRO - wireless USB LED do not disturb light that reduces interruptions

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Luxafor Bluetooth PRO wireless do not disturb office light is a great solution for indicating your availability to workmates and getting only push notifications at the speed of light.

Intuitive use, simple to install, and generally understood by everyone.

As featured in:

Luxafor’s clever light, which connects to your computer via USB [...], communicates to your co-workers when it’s okay to talk to you and when it’s not. Kind of like a traffic stoplight, the little, rectangular plastic unit shines green when you’re all ears and red when you’re not. It sure beats asking your co-workers to talk to the hand or flipping them the bird!

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For the Luxafor Flag to really work well, it needs to be deployed as part of a larger effort to create an office culture that values dedicated heads-down time. Companies that want to build this kind of environment should buy Luxafor devices for all of their employees and educate the staff about how and when they should turn their lights to red.

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Sounds like you?

Unhelpful (ineffective, useless) Interaction

Distraction team meeting
Too much work postits

Workflow Disruption and Chaos

Join Thousands of Happy Users

"After a short trial we have rolled Luxafor across the whole company. Tied in with Skype and Outlook online meetings go undisturbed automatically. You can easily put yourself into a bubble of seclusion to get on with that work you need to do, undisturbed."

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Mike Jessop

How Should It Be Used?

This is how over 214,307 outstanding performers benefit from Luxafor Bluetooth PRO at work.

Manage Your and Productivity of Your Team

Wireless Luxafor Bluetooth PRO assists you in developing the professional standards of the future, where productivity is interconnected while being individualized to each team member`s demands.

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Open office

Easy To complete successful projects

Higher efficiency creates the ideal atmosphere for successful project execution, enhancing team attention and satisfaction

Grow As a Professional

Reaching and exceeding expectations as a result of good team performance allows your true potential to show through, allowing you to become the professional everyone is willing to work with


All Features

Luxafor Bluetooth PRO isn't just a wireless do not disturb light - useful features like the Timer, Pomodoro, or possible integrations with productivity and notification apps, make Wireless Luxafor Bluetooth PRO your personal assistant that helps you do more in less time!

Luxafor Bluetooth or Luxafor Bluetooth Pro?

Feature BT BT PRO
Solid color option x x
Color pattern option x x
Removable battery x Built-in
Battery life 45 h - 6 months* 80h - 12 months*
Customize notifications via smartphone x x
Compatible with Windows x x
Compatible with macOS x x
Compatible with iOS x x
Compatible with Android x x
Maximum communication distance 25m (82') 80m (262')
Ability to read device FW version x
Download newer FW version to the device via OTA x
Bluetooth 5.2 Radio with supported LE coded PHY (Long range) x
*depending on brightness and working mode

what you can achieve with luxafor bluetooth PRO

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Solid Color For Availability Management

Available on:

Integrations For Efficient Communication​

Available on:

Available on:

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Notifications For Improved Workflow​​

Available on:

Product Features

The light that shows someone's phone status is the Luxafor Bluetooth Pro. This innovative wireless busy light is a great way to show colleagues your availability and receive only important notifications. Upon starting the call, light turns red, showing your colleagues you're on the phone. Right after you finish the call, indicator turns green. You can place it outside of your room or next to your PC to show whether you are available or busy.

How It works

Luxafor Bluetooth Pro is a wireless LED busy light that connects to your computer or mobile device via Bluetooth.
Luxafor Bluetooth Pro is a wireless LED busy light that connects to your computer or mobile device via Bluetooth.

Luxafor Bluetooth PRO Specifications​

Luxafor Bluetooth Pro is a wireless LED busy light that connects to your computer or mobile device via Bluetooth.

Luxafor Bluetooth PRO with a built-in battery

Luxafor Bluetooth Pro is a wireless LED busy light that connects to your computer or mobile device via Bluetooth.

Luxafor Dongle

What Our Customers Say

Nathan Duersch
Nathan Duersch
Director of Operations at Symantec
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I've used a few Luxafor products and have found them to be simple, effective, and cost-saving. I purchased the Luxafor Flag for my team as we work in an "open office" environment. The flags have helped my team deflect "walk ups," which has improved their efficiencies. We now have other departments asking where they can get those "cool flags".
Saskia Tröger​
Saskia Tröger​
Read More
Now I can decide when I don't wanna get disturbed and I can work more effectively in different time slots. The desktop app is easy to understand and clear. I definitely recommed it.
Kayln Denniston
Kayln Denniston
Client Success Manager at EventBooking
Read More
Fantastic service, really showed they wanted to help and were willing to look into the Gmail integration. With the suggestion of using Zapier I have been able to integrate and accomplish exactly what I was looking for and more. Thank you! Looking forward to using this tool more and more.

get Your Luxafor bluetooth PRO Now!

Luxafor Bluetooth Pro is a wireless LED busy light that connects to your computer or mobile device via Bluetooth.

Luxafor Bluetooth PRO - a must-have wireless LED do not disturb light that is easy to set up and simple to use.

$ 109.00

bulk inquiry

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