Luxafor Flag USB busy light

Boost your workplace productivity with Luxafor Flag, a powerful busy light that helps individuals and teams stay focused and organized. This LED do not disturb indicator integrates with various tools and is designed to eliminate distractions and improve your workflow. Shop the range of productivity tools and gadgets at

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Meet Luxafor Flag

Luxafor Flag lets performance-driven team players take control over workplace distractions and organize workflow to deliver exceptional results.

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Luxafor Flag - Smart Office USB LED busy light that eliminates distractions.

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IntroducingLuxafor Flag

Luxafor Flag is an innovative productivity gadget designed to show colleagues your availability and receive only important notifications at the speed of light.

Easy to use, simple to implement, universally understood by everyone.

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Luxafor’s clever light, which connects to your computer via USB [...], communicates to your co-workers when it’s okay to talk to you and when it’s not. Kind of like a traffic stoplight, the little, rectangular plastic unit shines green when you’re all ears and red when you’re not. It sure beats asking your co-workers to talk to the hand or flipping them the bird!

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For the Luxafor Flag to really work well, it needs to be deployed as part of a larger effort to create an office culture that values dedicated heads-down time. Companies that want to build this kind of environment should buy Luxafor devices for all of their employees and educate the staff about how and when they should turn their lights to red.

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Sounds like you?

unproductive interruptions

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Disrupted, Unorganized workflow

Join Thousands of Happy Users

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"I ordered Luxafor Flags for our team and the feedback has been very positive. Compared to similar products, these do not take up any desk space, are easily visible from all angles and are super easy to use and implement across a large team."

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Alma Talbot
Production Coordinator at EA - Electronic Arts

How To Use?

Here's how more than 214,307 high achievers benefit from Luxafor Flag in their workplace.

Organize Workflow For Yourself And Team​

Luxafor Flag helps you create the workplace standards of the future, where workflow is united, yet  personalized to each individuals needs.

Luxafor Flag can help improve your productivity by minimizing interruptions and distractions
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Carry Out Successful Projects With Ease​

Improved performance creates a natural environment for successful delivery of profitable projects that boost team focus and happiness.

Grow As a Professional

Reaching and exceeding expectations due to strong team performance helps your full potential shine, so you can become the professional everyone wants to work with.

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All Features

Luxafor Flag isn't just a status indicator - added features like the Timer, Productivity Timer, or possible integrations with productivity and notification apps, make Luxafor Flag your personal smart office assistant that will allow you to do more in less time!

what you can achieve with luxafor flag

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Solid Color For Availability Management

Available on:

Integrations For Efficient Communication​

Available on:

Available on:

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Notifications For Improved Workflow​​

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Product Features

Busy lights are visual indicators that show colleagues your availability status and help you set up, control, and receive only important notifications. These lights can be placed outside of your office or next to your PC to show whether you are available or busy, and they can indicate if a meeting room is free or occupied.

It is typically used in office settings to avoid interruptions and to signal to others when someone is on a call or otherwise occupied. The purpose of a busy light is to improve communication and productivity by reducing distractions and interruptions. The device is usually connected to a computer or communication platform and can be configured to display different colors depending on the user's status. Common colors include green, red, blue, and yellow. The busy light can be placed in a visible location and is easy to see from a distance, allowing coworkers to quickly determine whether or not it is a good time to approach someone. Overall, a busy light is a simple and effective tool for improving communication and productivity in the workplace.

The colors of Luxafor Flag busy light can vary depending on the specific device and its settings. Here are some standard pre-defined colors and their meanings:

  • Green: Available;
  • Red: Busy, on a call;
  • Yellow: Away or unavailable but will be back shortly;
  • Blue: please clean my workplace;

In addition to these colors, Luxafor Flag and some other gadgets support wide range of custom colors that can be configured based on the user's preferences or the specific communication platform being used to create a unique "status language" for better productivity and communication.

How It works

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Luxafor Flag can help improve your productivity by minimizing interruptions and distractions

Luxafor Flag Specifications

Luxafor Flag displays your availability in real-time with four colors: green for available, red for busy, yellow for away, and blue for do not disturb.

What Our Customers Say

Nathan Duersch
Nathan Duersch
Director of Operations at Symantec
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I've used a few Luxafor products and have found them to be simple, effective, and cost-saving. I purchased the Luxafor Flag for my team as we work in an "open office" environment. The flags have helped my team deflect "walk ups," which has improved their efficiencies. We now have other departments asking where they can get those "cool flags".
Michele Bertoli
Michele Bertoli
Front End Engineer at Facebook
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I can now tell everyone when I’m busy or free. It's been very effective. I use the red signal sparingly and no one interrupted me so far. My next goal is to play with the Webhook API : )
Kayln Denniston
Kayln Denniston
Client Success Manager at EventBooking
Read More
Fantastic service, really showed they wanted to help and were willing to look into the Gmail integration. With the suggestion of using Zapier I have been able to integrate and accomplish exactly what I was looking for and more. Thank you! Looking forward to using this tool more and more.

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Luxafor Flag: the ultimate productivity tool

Luxafor Flag - a must-have LED availability indicator that is easy to set up and simple to use.

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USB LED busy light that eliminates distractions

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