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Luxafor USB-powered Pomodoro Timer allows you to create better working habits by splitting your workday into manageable blocks without forgetting to take a break.

Luxafor Pomodoro Timer- an USB powered digital timer with custom work-break timings and a colored LED display.

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Luxafor Pomodoro Timer is a sophisticated way to keep yourself focused for periods of work sprints and breaks without annoying sound effects that would distract you.

Pomodoro Technique Featured In:

By breaking work into regular, repeated intervals, entrepreneurs alleviate anxiety, enhance their focus and strengthen their determination for achieving goals.


Pomodoro works great for me because it's easy and caters to my distractible nature. Maybe I can't get myself to focus on that big project for hours, but surely I can do 25 minutes? And then another. And then another.


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Task And Meeting Overload

Open office distractions

Difficulties With Time Management

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"I honestly don’t know why more people don’t work with the Pomodoro Technique. It’s a painfully simple method that anyone can use, no matter their role or industry. Not only am I more efficient thanks to the Pomodoro, I’m also less afraid of the tasks I need to get done. I’m not sure I can ever articulate what an important shift this has been for my business, but I hope you experience the same thing when you give it a try."

Charlotte O'Hara

what you can achieve with luxafor Pomodoro Timer


Enjoy Classic Pomodoro Presets

Customize Chunks Of Deep Work And Rest

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How It works

Connect Luxafor Pomodoro To Your Computer via USB
Configure Luxafor Pomodoro Timer Red
Place Luxafor Bluetooth on the Door

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What Our Customers Say

Jeff Cloyden
Jeff Cloyden
People Operations Manager at Creatively
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I didn't realize how much I could really get done in one day until i got this timer. You can even set the LEDs to different brightness levels, which is perfect for the fact that I use it at work and the lighting changes at different times of the day. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs needs help focusing and who loses track of time.
Kate Russet
Kate Russet
Freelance Front-end developer
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It looks professional and does not have that annoying ticking sound, like my previous timer. A simple tap resets the timer. The Luxafor Timer has saved me from spending too much time on my Instagram feed during my breaks.
Brenda Williams
Brenda Williams
Workspace Administrator at BlueRock
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I use it at work to get more done in less time. At the end of pomodoros when it lights up in "police pattern" I catch myself thinking if I really need to give more time to the same project after the break or just move on to a more important one. Pomodoro Timer has saved me from wasting time and helps me focus better.

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Luxafor USB-powered Pomodoro Timer- a must-have custom LED timer for Pomodoro technique that is easy to set up and simple to use.

$ 49.00

bulk inquiry

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