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What APIs are available?

You'll find all the files needed for development on Windows and Mac here.

Here’s what you’ll find in the downloaded file:

    For Windows
  • A sample code (an HID terminal for tests) and
  • Code description and access to the HID library
  • You can also use the sample HID terminal

We’d appreciate it if you share your work with our community! Please send us the links to your work at luxafor@greynut.com

Contact us if you have any questions

What customers say

Brad Jones

Brad Jones

UI/UX Designer

The best feature of Luxafor is simplicity.

Most of the potentials of the software and the device are for fun (in a co-working is necessary), but the usability of the red, green or yellow light is definitely what makes Luxafor a success. No other disorder or words to show your work status, only to light and the simplicity of Luxafor! Great!

Luxafor Feedback

Constance Awenasa

Washington STEM

A few of my office mates tested out the Luxafor devices and found them so helpful that we ordered more. Our productivity has increased because we feel more comfortable approaching one another and can quickly tell when others are free to chat.

When working on a writing project with a tight deadline, the red indicator light is a life saver, but I found the green light to be even more helpful. Now I can interrupt my colleagues free of guilt!

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