Monitor the microclimate in your workspace.
Measure, Improve and Achieve a healthy and productive work environment.


Luxafor Meteo is an environment monitor that measures the microclimate (Humidity, CO2, Temperature, Noise, Lighting) at your workstation. It lets you know and shows on an E-ink display what should be improved to achieve the perfect conditions in your workplace for better health and higher productivity.  

Environmental conditions that affect your productivity


In work environment, irritating noise can come from all kinds of sources: air conditioning, obnoxious ringtones, traffic, nearby construction, unsophisticated sound-masking systems and, especially, from other people’s voices. There is plenty of research that shows that the most destructive sound of all is other people’s conversations.The noise level of 60 - 65 decibels which is common in some open - plan offices is not only too loud for concentration, but can also impede effective collaboration by causing speech interference.


Temperature has a significant bearing on both your productivity and  overall comfort in the workplace. When your body's temperature drops, you expend energy keeping yourself warm, making less energy available for concentration, inspiration, and insight, but benefits of a warm office go beyond the realm of productivity. A warm office environment can also play a crucial role in fostering warm interpersonal connections among you and your colleagues.


Lighting at work is very important for the health and safety of everyone. Poor lighting can affect  your health causing symptoms like headaches, lethargy, irritability, poor concentration, eye strain.  Lighting design should take account of the effect of shadows cast, whether these are objects or people in the work environment. Bad lighting can lead to incorrect shadow casting over your workspace which most often leads to eye strain and even incorrect posture. Light sources should be positioned correctly to minimize these effects.


Inappropriate humidity level is a straight contributor to you feeling clammy, too warm, drowsy and sluggish, it can even cause itchy skin, rashes, sore throat, coughing, and a stuffy nose. Becoming aware and regulating this parameter can improve the comfort and well-being of you and your colleagues, while also helping you save money on medication and "quick fixes".


Good air quality in your work environment is a huge benefit for your health and productivity. Study after study has shown that the amount of ventilation or fresh outdoor air brought inside is a critical determinant of health. Good ventilation has proven to reduce sick building syndrome symptoms, cut absenteeism, and even reduce infectious disease transmission.

Introducing Luxafor Meteo

Luxafor Meteo is an environment monitor that is designed to indicate a problem and help improve your microclimate, before it has caused long term damage. It measures Humidity, CO2, Temperature, Noise, Lighting and shows on an E-ink display what should be improved to achieve the perfect conditions in your workstation for better health and higher productivity.

By measuring humidity at your workplace properly  you will be able to improve the consistent air conditioning comfort.

Measure the air quality in your work environment and understand how to improve it to feel safe for yourself.

Measure the temperature and improve it comparing to the Indicated perfect temperature for your work environment.

With Luxafor Meteo you will be able to determine the  exact noise level in your work environment.

With Luxafor Meteo you will become aware of your workspace lighting design and  improve it to raise your productivity levels.

If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Improve It.

Peter Drucker

The founder of modern management

Luxafor Meteo will help boost your productivity

Over the past decade, health and well-being in the work environment have proven to be the key elements to a better life for your and people around you. Healthy workers are among the most successful and competitive employees around the world, research by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found in 2017.

Now you can achieve the highest levels of productivity for yourself as well. With the help of Luxafor Meteo, you can put your waste of time, effort and money spent on " temporary fixes" to an end. This is your opportunity to become the most successful and productive you've ever been! 


Luxafor Meteo offers 3 major benefits:

Increase long-term productivity, as healthy workers are proven to be more productive, which means better work ethic and higher quality of life.

Lower your medical costs , as overall better well-being levels mean less need for medicine and doctors' appointments.

Lower medical costs, as overall better health means less need for medicine and doctors’ appointments

Better relationships with coworkers in your microclimate, as better team cooperation helps the mental health and performance of each individual.

Luxafor products are already used by:

Luxafor Meteo spec.

  • Temperature: -40 °C .. +120 °C. (-40°F .. +248°F)
  • Relative humidity: 0 .. 100% range
  • Light intensity: ambient light from ~0 lux to over 10,000 lux
  • Air quality: CO2 output range from 400ppm to 64000ppm
  • Noise level: 60..120 dB ±3dB

$ 97.00

What customers say

Daniele Ferla


After moving our business into a different building, I noticed more and more of my office mates suffering from mood swings, overall worse health and productivity loss.

Couldn't find a  solution to this for a long time and, as soon as I found out Luxafor has come up with a genious compact meteo station, I ordered it immediately, as I know that happy colleagues are the best colleagues!

Elizabete Tigale

HR manager

The best Luxafor series feature is the simplicity. In our company, we have used every product so far and were very excited to find out that Meteo PRO is available for pre-order now. Immediately ordered three for our office, as Luxafor gadgets always meet the high expectations of our employees. Without doubt, another excellent solution by this company! Thanks!

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