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Luxafor do not disturb lights and gadgets help boost individual and corporate productivity to skyrocket any business goals by implementing smart office concept!

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Finding the Formula for success

The secret formula of success depends on one’s genuine input. We know – finding that formula is hard, as productivity is a very personal matter.

 That’s why we have created a variety of tools and gadgets that help individuals and businesses unlock their productivity potential in their own way through easy and actionable steps.

Our smart office devices are gadgets that can enhance work productivity, efficiency, and comfort of your office environment. They can help you automate tasks, control devices, apps, and work-flows, allowing you to work and communicate better, saving time and energy.

With our vast product selection of physical and digital tools, you will get things done faster, easier, and more efficiently. If you don`t believe us – you can have a look at the user testimonial section.

You can easily solve any of the most common productivity challenges with the help of specially designed smart office devices that you may find useful for your workspace. There are plenty of gadgets to choose from that can make your office smarter and better. You can check out all of them in our products section and find out more in the description below.

Your Productivity Toolkit

Take a look at our workspace productivity solutions with a vast range of smart gadgets with specially designed software that will most definitely help you improve your efficiency in work settings and in personal life.

We can offer you a variety of customizable office gadgets for your smart office or home office, depending on your needs and preferences.

LED do not disturb (also known as availability indicator)that eliminates workspace distractions.

2nd Gen wireless & remote-controlled conference room or patient room indicator that displays availability in real-time.

2nd Gen wireless & software-controlled LED busy light indicator boosting performance and organizing workflow.

Wide-angle USB LED availability indicator that eliminates distractions

Empower yourself with a 262K color 240×280 screen with a built-in busy light patterns, GIFs, videos playback, image statuses and more.

Wireless & software-controlled LED availability indicator that displays notifications and personal availability.

Wireless & remote-controlled busy light indicator that displays meeting room and workstation availability in real-time.

Standalone LED availability indicator showing meeting room or workplace availability.

Work in bite-sized chunks with a countdown timer.

Physical video-conference call microphone mute button that eliminates distractions.

Luxafor CO2 Monitor notifies when room needs ventilation so that you can avoid the risk of airborne infections.

CO2 Dongle analyzes air quality you breathe and lets you know if room needs to be ventilated.

Light-based do not disturb indicator eliminating distractions and boosting productivity.

Luxafor Smart Button  synchronizes and triggers your favorite gadgets and apps with 1 tap.

As featured in:

Luxafor’s clever light, which connects to your computer via USB or Bluetooth, communicates to your co-workers when it’s okay to talk to you and when it’s not. Kind of like a traffic stoplight, the little, rectangular plastic unit shines green when you’re all ears and red when you’re not. It sure beats asking your co-workers to talk to the hand or flipping them the bird!

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Feeling less guilty, working better in a team, and being more productive are three of the cornerstones of Luxafor. Their focus is on creating a better working environment, where you and your colleagues respect each other’s light – and time.

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Explore The User Experience

To show you the endless possibilities of how Luxafor helps you reach your best productivity potential - here are some practical, creative and inspirational user cases from our happy clients.

Choose your productivity solution

Pick out the tools for the ultimate workplace productivity kit!

Luxafor Flag displays the status of your availability and lets you organize your work focusing on most important tasks.

Luxafor Smart Button allows to upgrade and streamline task execution by optimizing workflow processes.

Designed specifically for conference room, hospitals and finance sector visitor flow management, this standalone availability light can switch between 4 color modes.

Luxafor Bluetooth indicates workspace availability and displays notifications in real-time within 25 meter distance.

Luxafor Switch represents workspace and meeting room availability in real-time in 25 meter distance from the remote unit.

Luxafor Cube is designed to indicate workspace and meeting room availability in real-time with four color options.

Custom LED productivity timer to implement Pomodoro technique that is easy to set up and use in your work or home settings.

Luxafor CO2 Monitor is a device that measures carbon dioxide levels (CO2) in indoor spaces, ensuring safe air quality and timely ventilation notifications.

A must-have Mute Button for conference calls, Zoom meetings, other apps to ensure undisturbed work.

Luxafor Orb is a visual status indicator device used to display one’s availability or work status, enhancing workplace communication.

 Bespoke performance-boosting solution for people with individual color perception is easy to set up and simple to use. 

It’s a versatile and portable device that measures carbon dioxide (CO2) level in the air, along with temperature and humidity levels wherever you need it – office, car, home.

Luxafor ANC Headphones help you eliminate the most common workplace distraction – noise for your best work performance

Busy Tag is a multi-functional color display with built-in LED
do not disturb light that shows your message, mood,
thoughts and status in real-time with variety of colors and
visual information.

What Our Customers Say

Nathan Duersch
Nathan Duersch
Director of Operations at Symantec
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I've used a few Luxafor products and have found them to be simple, effective, and cost-saving. I purchased the Luxafor Flag for my team as we work in an "open office" environment. The flags have helped my team deflect "walk ups," which has improved their efficiencies. We now have other departments asking where they can get those "cool flags".
Michele Bertoli
Michele Bertoli
Front End Engineer at Facebook
Read More
I can now tell everyone when I’m busy or free. It's been very effective. I use the red signal sparingly and no one interrupted me so far. My next goal is to play with the Webhook API : )
Kayln Denniston
Kayln Denniston
Client Success Manager at EventBooking
Read More
Fantastic service, really showed they wanted to help and were willing to look into the Gmail integration. With the suggestion of using Zapier I have been able to integrate and accomplish exactly what I was looking for and more. Thank you! Looking forward to using this tool more and more.

A smart office is a workplace that uses technology to improve efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction. Smart offices use a variety of sensors, software, and devices to automate tasks, collect data, and provide insights that can help businesses make better decisions. Smart office provides modern solutions, in a unified management ecosystem, for more comfortable and productive work in the office.  Smart office concept essentially means the ability of employees to flexibly plan their time, as well as use various smart devices and operate in a technically equipped, modern work environment.

Here are some examples of a smart office:

Employee access and security: Employees can enter the office building and their assigned work-spaces using RFID cards or smartphone apps. This eliminates the need for traditional keys and makes it easy to track who is in the office at any given time.

Smart desks and conference rooms: Smart desks can be adjusted to the employee's desired height and can also track how much time the employee spends sitting and standing. Smart conference rooms can be booked in advance and managed using a smartphone app or a meeting room availability indicator. Smart office can also be equipped with smart displays that allow for easy video conferencing and presentations.

Intelligent climate and lighting control: Sensors can be used to detect the presence of people in a room and automatically adjust the temperature and lighting accordingly. This can help to save energy and create a more comfortable work environment. Also air quality monitors such as Luxafor CO2 Dongle can be used to ensure the optimal working environment.

To create a smart office, you will need to implement a variety of technologies and solutions. Here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Assess your needs. What are your goals for creating a smart office? Do you want to improve efficiency, reduce costs, or create a more comfortable work environment? Once you know your goals, you can start to identify the specific technologies and solutions that will help you achieve them.
  2. Create a budget. Smart office technologies can range in price from relatively inexpensive to very expensive. It is important to set a budget before you start making any purchases.
  3. Develop a plan. Once you know what you want to achieve and how much you are willing to spend, you need to develop a plan for implementing your smart office solutions. This plan should include a timeline, budget, and resource allocation.
  4. Choose the right technologies. There are a wide variety of smart office technologies available. It is important to choose technologies that are compatible with each other and that will meet the specific needs of your business.
  5. Install and configure the technologies. Once you have chosen your smart office technologies, you need to install and configure them. This may involve working with a professional IT services provider.
  6. Train your employees. Once your smart office technologies are installed and configured, you need to train your employees on how to use them. This will help to ensure that your employees are able to get the most out of your investment.

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Luxafor smart office solutions

Welcome to Luxafor, the cutting-edge productivity tools provider for the modern workspace also know as a smart office.

Our range of office do not disturb lights, air quality sensors, interactive buttons and other gadgets are designed to help individuals and businesses boost productivity and achieve your goals without being influenced by interruptions or lack of focus.

At Luxafor, we understand the importance of productivity and how it can impact the success of any business. That’s why we offer a range of products that help individuals and teams stay focused, organized, and motivated. Our products are designed to improve workplace productivity through visual indicators, interactive buttons, LED-based solutions, air quality sensors, and more. We offer a range of tools and gadgets that can help you eliminate distractions, manage your time more effectively, and improve your workflow.

Whether you’re looking for a Pomodoro timer, a do not disturb light, or an interactive button, we have the perfect solution for you. We believe that productivity is a personal matter, and that’s why we offer customizable settings for all our products. You can adjust the work and break intervals, sound and vibration alerts, and more to fit your needs and preferences. Our products also integrate with various tools and platforms, such as Teams, Youtube and Zapier, giving your access to thousands of apps and integrations to provide a seamless workflow and improve productivity.

If you’re a business looking to improve productivity and create a positive work culture, Luxafor can help. Our products can help you boost employee well-being, improve job satisfaction, and achieve your business goals. We offer a range of cutting-edge smart office tools that can help your employees stay focused on tasks and improve their overall well-being.

Our products are designed to help you achieve your goals and improve your productivity. Whether you’re an individual looking to boost your productivity or a business looking to improve your bottom line, Luxafor has the perfect solution for you. Shop our range of productivity tools and gadgets today and take the first step towards a more productive and fulfilling work life.

Over the last decade Luxafor has successfully helped thousands of businesses and individuals in the United States, Canada, European Union, and other countries to boost their productivity and build a positive corporate culture. By fostering various productivity gadgets, we are improving teams’ overall productivity and well-being, increased engagement, and creating a more collaborative and supportive work environment.

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