Luxafor Pomodoro Timer
Luxafor Digital  Pomodoro Timer
Luxafor Pomodoro Timer Software

Luxafor Pomodoro Timer - a digital timer  with custom work-break timings and a colored LED display.

Luxafor Pomodoro Timer
Luxafor Pomodoro Timer

Luxafor Pomodoro Timer allows you to create better working habits by splitting your workday into manageable blocks, without forgetting to take a break.

  • Tailor to your needs - set up your own custom settings in less than a minute!
  • Easy to use - start or pause the timer with one  simple tap of a hand!
  • Innovative & lightweight design that compliments any office interior.
  • LED indication in the colors of your choice eliminate the need for ticking & noisy alarms. 

Luxafor products already used by 73’812 office heroes in productive companies worldwide, such as:

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Luxafor products already used by 73’241 office heroes in productive companies worldwide, such as:

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Introducing Luxafor Pomodoro Timer

Luxafor Pomodoro Timer is a sophisticated way to keep yourself focused for periods of work sprints and breaks without annoying sound effects that would distract you.

Eliminate distractions with Targeted Workflow

Reduce distractions and confusion by tricking your brain into staying in the focused flow.

Become More Efficient with Luxafor Pomodoro Timer

Become more efficient by doing more in short periods of completely distraction-free concentration.

Tailor to your needs Custom Pomodoro Timer Settings Luxafor

Tailor to your needs with the help of software - choose the timings, colors and brightness that fits your liking.

Regain control of your time with Luxafor Pomodoro Timer

Save more time by controlling your Pomodoro Timer with one quick tap of the hand to start, pause and resume.

How it works

Using Luxafor Pomodoro Timer is as easy as 3 simple steps:


Connect Pomodoro Timer to your computer

Connect Luxafor Pomodoro Timer To Your Computer via USB


Set up your Pomodoro times, colors and brightness preferences

Customize Luxafor Pomodoro Timer


Tap and enjoy an entire new workflow full of quality focus!

  Tap to Control Luxafor Pomodoro Tracker

Luxafor Software Features

Luxafor Pomodoro Timer Software Features
  • You can set up the length of Pomodoros, Short Break and Long Break using the arrows or type in your desired time.
  • Choose from a variety of patterns to play whenever a Pomodoro or a break starts.
  • Define how many cycles it will take before the Long Break comes.
  • Pick the color for the Pomodoros and breaks
  • Adjust the brightness of LEDs to suit your needs

Work with time, not against it

  • The more you use Pomodoro Technique, the better you'll become at accurately predicting how much time it will take to accomplish similar tasks.
  • Thanks to custom set colors and patterns, you will never forget to take a break again!
  • No more useless meetings that take too long - just stick to the pre-set Pomodoro times!
  • Take control over your time and never miss out on social life again!
Work with time, not against it with Luxafor Pomodoro Timer

What our customers say

I tend to lose track of time (and lose A LOT  of it).

I didn't realize how much I could really get done in one day until i got this timer.

 All I do is set it up to whatever time I want my pomodoro to last, tap on it and then it begins to countdown. When time is up it will change to blue (my favorite color) to let me know and begin countdown on my break time that I have set up. It’s very smart looking on my desk top, and all my coworkers asked me about it. You can even set the LEDs to different brightness levels, which is perfect for the fact that I use it at work and the lighting changes at different times of the day. I highly recommend this timer for anyone who needs needs help focusing and who loses track of time.

Jeff Cloyden, HR Manager

Jeff Cloyden Luxafor Pomodoro Timer

I use it at work to get more done in less time. I guess we all want the same thing, no?

It looks professional and does not have that annoying ticking sound, like my previous timer. At the end of pomodoros when it lights up in "police pattern" I catch myself thinking if I really need to give more time to the same project after the break or just move on to a more important one. A simple tap resets the timer.
The Luxafor Timer has saved me from spending too much time on my Instagram feed in the breaks lol.

Kate Russet, Front-End Developer

Kate Russet Luxafor Pomodoro Timer

Luxafor Pomodoro Timer - a must-have custom LED timer for Pomodoro technique that is easy to set up and simple to use. 

Luxafor Pomodoro Technique Timer
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What will I get:

  • 1 x Luxafor Pomodoro Timer
  • 1 x USB Data Cable
  • 1 x Free Luxafor Software

$ 47.00 

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Yes, we do. However, we aren't responsible for additional charges you may incur as a result of international duties.

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*Local pick-up at Sporta street 2, Riga, Latvia

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