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Gadgets to help you stay focused and motivated - Luxafor

Luxafor offers a wide range of productivity gadgets that are designed to help people eliminate distractions and create a conducive workspace for focused work or studies enabling them to accomplish more and enhance their overall well-being.

Luxafor leads the way for productivity gadget manufacturers with a variety of innovative tools to help individuals and businesses boost productivity and achieve their best potential. Luxafor’s smart gadgets are designed to be sleek, practical and easy to integrate into your workspace.  By incorporating these productivity tools into your routine, you can create a more focused and productive work environment.

Luxafor has the key to your productivity and will enhance the performance of any smart office as their productivity gadgets re designed to help you minimize distractions, improve focus, collaboration and streamline your workflow. Here’s a look at some of their most popular products:

Luxafor Flag

One of Luxafor’s flagship products is the Luxafor Flag, an USB-powered LED busylight that eliminates office distractions and signals to people around you whether you’re busy or not. This innovative gadget is designed to help individuals maintain focus and avoid distractions, which can be especially challenging in a world filled with distractions from other people around you. By showing your availability status, Luxafor Flag also fosters a more productive and collaborative work environment, enabling seamless real-time communication and task management among team members whether during studies, in a co-working space or working from home.

Improve your productivity and minimize distractions so you can focus on important tasks and enhance your work output. Knowing others can see your availability status can create an environment conducive to deep concentration. You can potentially choose alternative colors or set up custom light patterns for different scenarios depending on software features.

Luxafor Colorblind Flag

Luxafor Colorblind Flag is the unique and one of a kind inclusive USB LED do-not-disturb light that eliminates distractions. Luxafor Colorblind Flag is a variation of the original Luxafor Flag busylight light designed specifically for people with color blindness. It prioritizes clear visibility over color differentiation, making it easier for everyone to understand your availability at a glance. Unlike the standard Flag that uses color (red and green) to indicate availability, the Colorblind Flag relies on variations in light intensity or brightness to convey the same message.

The accessible design approach ensures clear visibility regardless of any color vision deficiency, promoting inclusivity in the workplace. Just like the standard Flag, the Colorblind Flag connects to your computer via USB for easy setup and operation. Luxafor Colorblind Flag eliminates the limitations of color dependence in availability lights. This creates a more available and inclusive work environment where everyone can clearly communicate their availability status.

Luxafor Bluetootn

Luxafor Bluetooth is a wireless LED availability indicator that helps you communicate your availability to others in a simple and visual way. It connects to your computer via Bluetooth and displays a green light when you’re available and a red light when you’re busy or other custom light options to track and visualize your work process This gadget can help to reduce interruptions and improve your productivity.

Luxafor Bluetooth is not just a simple do not disturb light. It also has a number of other features that can help you to be more productive, such as a timer that can be used to track your focus time, Pomodoro integration as well as the ability to integrate with productivity and notification apps.

Luxafor Bluetooth Pro

The Luxafor Bluetooth Pro is an upgraded version of the regular Luxafor Bluetooth, offering a wider range of features to boost productivity and communication in a professional setting. It functions as a wireless LED do-not-disturb light that connects to your computer via Bluetooth helping to minimize interruptions and lets colleagues know your availability at a glance. Luxafor Bluetooth Pro offers enhanced features beyond the basic availability indication, this device boasts additional functionalities to elevate your work experience. These include: pre-set and customizable color settings, improved user experience, intuitive use and simple installation.

Luxafor Pomodoro Timer

In addition to the Luxafor availability indicators, Luxafor offers a range of other productivity gadgets, including the Luxafor Pomodoro Timer, which can help users stay focused and avoid distractions to complete their work on time. This timer is based on the Pomodoro Technique, a simple and effective way to break down large tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method  that encourages working in short, focused bursts of time, typically 25 minutes each, followed by a short break. This technique is designed to help individuals maintain focus, prevent burnout, enhance time awareness, increase efficiency, and reduce procrastination.

The Pomodoro Technique involves breaking down work into intervals called “Pomodoros” and committing to concentrated effort during each Pomodoro. After each Pomodoro, individuals take a short break, typically 5 minutes, to recharge and return to their tasks with renewed energy. The Pomodoro Technique has been shown to significantly enhance productivity and time management by breaking work into manageable intervals. By incorporating this technique into their daily routine, individuals can tackle even the most daunting tasks with ease and improve their overall well-being

Luxafor Mute Button

Luxafor Mute Button is a physical video-conference call microphone mute button that eliminates distractions. With a simple touch, you can easily mute/unmute your microphone during online calls and meetings at the same time showing others your availability with red and green colors. The Luxafor Mute Button is a must-have tool for those who often work remotely on in a hybrid work setting making it easy to manage your communication, take it with you and attach it to your laptop or desktop using USB wire in any work or home-office setting.

The Luxafor Mute Button is a practical external USB LED microphone mute button designed to eliminate distractions and improve your virtual meetings and calls. It works with all conferencing tools by muting the microphone computer-wide. Easily set up custom color-coded signals to indicate availability while working from home (e.g., blue for busy on a specific task). Overall, the Luxafor Mute Button is a handy tool for anyone who uses their microphone frequently for online meetings, conferences, or even gaming.

Luxafor Smart Button

The Luxafor Smart Button is a truly unique multifunctional smart gadget for your professional or personal use. Luxafor Smart Button is a more versatile productivity tool designed to streamline your workflow and trigger actions with a single tap. With this button you can create custom tap actions to launch various programs, websites, and control smart home devices. Luxafor Smart Button integrates with popular services like Microsoft Teams, YouTube, Spotify, and more, it allows control of other Luxafor devices and interacts by changing their colors.

You can streamline tasks by assigning specific actions to a single tap, saving time and effort and tailor the button to your specific needs and preferences. In essence, the Luxafor Smart Button is a customizable button that automates tasks and helps you work smarter, not harder. It goes beyond simple availability indication to offer a wider range of functionalities for a more streamlined work experience

Luxafor Orb

The Luxafor Orb is a USB-powered LED availability indicator designed to boost productivity and minimize distractions in your workspace . It functions as a busy light, clearly communicating your availability to colleagues at a glance.  By displaying your availability status visually, the Orb helps reduce interruptions and wasted time spent checking presence on video calls or messaging apps. The Orb utilizes a color-coded system that’s universally understood (Red, Green, Blue and other colors) and you can customize the Orb’s color scheme to match your preferences or specific company protocols.

You can integrate Luxafor Orb with popular productivity and communication software, allowing you to automatically update your status based on your activity (e.g., busy on a call, in a meeting). The Luxafor Orb is designed with a wide viewing angle, ensuring your status is visible from multiple directions in your workspace. Overall, the Luxafor Orb is a simple yet effective tool for promoting focus and reducing distractions in the workplace. By providing a clear visual cue of your availability, it can enhance communication and collaboration with colleagues.

Luxafor Switch

Luxafor Switch is a wireless LED indicator specifically designed to show the availability of meeting rooms, workspaces, or even your own personal availability in real-time. It eliminates the need for complicated software or confusing signage. Luxafor Switch displays availability status with four colors: red (occupied), green (available), yellow (in use but can be interrupted), and blue (customizable).

The gadget is controlled remotely with a simple hand gesture and operates from up to 25 meters (82 feet) away. Luxafor Switch attaches to any surface with a discreet magnet or it can be placed on a desk improving workplace communication with clear visual indication of room or workspace availability reduces confusion and unnecessary interruptions. Luxafor Switch focuses to ensure seamless communication and ease of use, making it a valuable tool for optimizing workspace utilization and fostering a more productive work environment.

Luxafor Switch Pro

Building on the strengths of the Luxafor Switch, the Luxafor Switch Pro is an enhanced wireless LED meeting room availability indicator designed to improve communication and productivity in smart offices offering extended control range and more color options. The cube-shaped remote allows you to change the Switch Pro’s color with a simple rotation, offering control from up to 80 meters (250 feet) away. This extended range is a significant improvement over the standard Switch.

Employees can effectively plan their time by knowing if a space is available, reducing wasted time searching for meeting rooms. The visible color status indicator minimizes unnecessary interruptions and reduces distractions allowing for deep,  focused work sessions. For example, the yellow setting can signal focused work with the possibility of interruption for urgent matters. In essence, Luxafor Switch Pro builds upon the core functionalities of the Switch by offering a much greater control range, making it ideal for larger working spaces or open office environments.

Luxafor Cube

Luxafor Cube is a modern and practical standalone LED availability indicator, designed to be a simple and effective tool for signifying your availability or the status of a workspace or meeting room. Displays availability in real-time using four distinct colors: red (busy), green (available), yellow (in use but interruptible) and blue (can represent another status like “on a call”). It operates without software – no complicated setup required, ideal for environments with strict security policies.

Luxafor Cube is easy to use with it`s standalone design: simply rotate the Cube to change the color and display your availability. Built-in Battery offers long battery life (up to 90 hours) for uninterrupted use. Compact and portable means the small size (roughly 2 inches cubed) makes it easy to place on a desk or attach to any surface using the included magnet. Multiple color options provides flexibility to represent different availability statuses.

Luxafor ANC Headphones

Luxafor ANC Headphones are wireless headphones designed specifically to help you focus on your work by canceling out background noise. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) utilizes built-in microphones to detect ambient noise and generate sound waves that effectively cancel it out. These headphones reduce distractions in your workspace, allowing you to concentrate better on tasks offering adjustable levels of noise cancellation to suit your preferences.

Luxafor ANC Headphones connect to your devices (phones, laptops) via Bluetooth for a cable-free experience. Luxafor ANC Headphones are a good option for those seeking for focus and productivity by actively reducing background noise, they create a quieter environment to concentrate on work. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable wear during extended listening sessions – their ANC technology and focus on extended battery life specifically for work environments make them a good tool for your most productive performance.

Luxafor CO2 Monitor

The Luxafor CO2 Monitor is a device specifically designed to monitor the carbon dioxide (CO2) level in a room and alert you when ventilation is needed. Unlike Luxafor’s Bluetooth products focused on availability and productivity, the CO2 Monitor prioritizes maintaining good indoor air quality. This simple, bt very useful device can help to improve air quality, your health and well-being helping to ensure optimal living or working conditions. Luxafor CO2 Monitor can reduced many health risks, because high CO2 levels can lead to drowsiness, headaches, and difficulty concentrating.

Proper ventilation helps mitigate these risks and potentially reduce airborne transmission: good air quality can help reduce the spread of airborne viruses and bacteria in your indoor space. The device provides multi-parameter monitoring along with CO2, it also monitors temperature and humidity levels for a more comprehensive picture of indoor air quality. Visual and audible alerts let you receive clear and timely notifications (with light and sound) when ventilation is advisable.

Luxafor CO2 Dongle

The Luxafor CO2 Dongle is a compact and affordable air quality monitoring device, designed specifically to monitor indoor CO2 levels, temperature, humidity level and provide alerts for ventilation. Luxafor CO2 Dongle provides both visual and audible alerts when CO2 levels become too high, prompting you to ventilate the space. It has  a compact and portable design: unlike other devices the Luxafor CO2 Dongle adopts a smaller form factor, making it ideal for use on desktops or plugging into a USB port in your car.

Dongle offers easy data accessibility through a specially designed app:  to display CO2 readings and other data including temperature and humidity. This allows you to monitor air quality remotely as long as you have an internet connection. In essence, the Luxafor CO2 Dongle offers a streamlined and portable solution for monitoring CO2 levels and maintaining good air quality in your home, workspace or car.

Final Thoughts

Luxafor is the leading brand in productivity gadgets, setting the standard for the productivity gadget industry and offering a range of innovative tools to help individuals and businesses boost productivity and achieve their goals. From the Luxafor Flag to the Luxafor CO2 Monitor and other productivity gadgets, Luxafor’s products are designed to help users eliminate distractions, elevate the quality of your living and working conditions (whether at home or in the office) create a conducive workspace for focused work as well as foster a more productive and collaborative work environment. By incorporating Luxafor’s productivity gadgets into their daily work routine, individuals and businesses can revolutionize their approach to work, enabling them to accomplish more, enhance their focus, communicate better, and improve their overall well-being.



Want to structurize your routine and become more productive? Get your free PDF version of 30-60-90 Productuve Day Plan now!

Want to structurize your routine and become more productive? Get your free PDF version of 30-60-90 Productuve Day Plan now!

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