The Ideal Employee - How To Become One?

The ideal employee - how to become one?

When a company has to hire someone, no matter how big the business is, apart from the basic skills that are expected from them, there are many more unwritten traits that an organization wants to see in a potential employee. And it doesn’t matter what and how much the person already knows – everything can be taught. The most progressive and successful companies pay much more attention to the candidate’s personality than educational documents, and choose the one whom they will be happy to train and invest in. Regardless of industry, salary, age, or gender, all ideal employees share certain very important characteristics that we will discover in this blog. If you will develop these traits – you will become the ideal employee who gets to be acknowledged for the effort, so make sure to be:

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Mostly companies prefer to hire people who are able to see opportunities and take advantage of them. Although many of these may lead to failure, more often than not they result in success and increase self-confidence, generating further ideas for new opportunities as well as creative solutions. Stagnant and passive employees will not bring money to the company, whereas action-oriented and active ones will, and probably bring a lot more income. These employees also need to be able to think on their feet and adapt to changing circumstances. Be proactive, show initiative, always try to do your best and you will be rewarded.

*Pro tip: Show your initiative in the next team meeting by offering a new approach to a current situation, for example a better way to increase sales, attract new clients or offer to organize the next work event.


Intelligence is not the only trait for an ideal employee, but it is a strong foundation for success in any field. There are many things to which the employer’s attitude can be flexible, but intelligence must be a mandatory unwritten requirement, otherwise cooperation can turn into a struggle under conditions of increased stress. And productivity can not suffer in the hands of uneducated, unskilled worker, the intellect of an employee is a prerequisite for growth. Educating yourself, learning, taking a part in trainings will eventually pay off in the long run.

*Pro tip: Find a course that will help you gain new skills – to improve technical skills, learn a new language, learn programming, etc.

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Every manager of a company, has a lot of responsibilities, and while ensuring their employees to get everything done right, they can’t make money for the company in the meantime. Be someone who can do the job without constant nagging and supervision and in you need to delegate, choose wisely. Because when you delegate work to your employees or colleagues, you expect a good result, not 20 questions and complaints. When people work independently they have more freedom as well as motivation to excel and they are more productive as the work can be done in a way that is best suitable for them.

*Pro tip: Surprise your manager by handing in a project sooner than planned showing that you are a highly valuable and responsible worker.

Productive time management is essential

Learn how to better manage your time and become an example to others.


Do you see yourself as an important part of the company? Do you feel that you can  be able to lead other employees or teams in the future? Leadership begins with confidence and develops as success becomes a habit. Leadership is a trait that can be developed whit time, practice and experience, it is not a pre-determined skill.

Leadership skills are the abilities and strengths that individuals possess to influence, motivate, and enable others to achieve common goals. Effective leaders can build strong relationships, inspire and empower their teams, and navigate change.

*Pro tip: Organize a team-building event for your colleagues that will make others see the leadership qualities in you, bonus points if there is pizza or snacks involved.


Good communication skills include both written and verbal communication. Be clear, concise, and professional in your interactions with colleagues and managers.  Effective and successful communication is essential for employees to share their thoughts, experience, motivate their team, and provide clear instructions. Ideal employee has to be able to communicate clearly and concisely with others. They also need to be good listeners and be able to adapt their communication style to their colleagues. Actively listen to others and be open to feedback.

*Pro tip: Master your email writing skills to the perfection, so no email is left unanswered and you get your paint across with ease.

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Reliability is a core trait – you can be counted on to show up on time, meet deadlines, and deliver high-quality work. An employee can help the company only if he wants to prove himself, be reliable and add a value to the company and that is a choice every person has to make for themself at the workplace. Reliability and loyalty makes a person think in the long term, work harder and more responsibly, by having a strong work ethic. You take initiative, go the extra mile, and consistently put in a good effort without much expectation and external validation – as you know that this is the only way to gain respect for what you do.

*Pro tip: Show an example to others by always finishing your assignments on time and always be the first at the meeting and the last to leave the meeting without leaving any issue unresolved.


Employees who come to work every morning energized, with a smile and full of fresh energy are definitely more productive than those who are pessimistic, skeptical and give up before failure really hits them. Positive and optimistic people create an uplifting and pleasant work environment, inspire, motivate each other and are extremely pleasant to everyone who works with them. Positive attitude will play a much bigger role than any fancy diploma you might have, it is much better to have nice people around that you can rely on rather than a grumpy, never satisfied coworker that will be constantly nagging or complaining about their day.

*Pro tip: Make sure to be friendly, kind and helpful to your colleagues, always try to help them when they need it – do someone a favor randomly, that will put a smile on their face too.

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Ideal employee is certainly a team player who is willing to collaborate with others and contribute to a productive and positive work environment. Be helpful and supportive to your colleagues and be someone who prioritizes working well with others to achieve a shared goal. Good employees are adaptable and willing to adjust their approach to contribute to the team’s needs. When you prioritize the team’s success over individual achievements, you show that you are committed to achieving common objectives together. This means that you are reliable, responsible, and solution-oriented individual making you a valuable member of a team.

*Pro tip: Find a way to appreciate your coworkers on their achievements, celebrate their success and make a habit to come together regularly to discuss important work issues.


Self-confidence leads you on the right path to results and encourages you to take on challenges that others fear. The best companies have a strong belief in their ability to deliver the highest quality product or service, and that belief comes from none other than self-confident employees. A confident employee is someone who believes in themselves and their abilities. They possess a strong sense of self-worth and self-assurance within their workplace. It’s important to note that confidence is not about arrogance or bragging. It’s about having a healthy respect for yourself and your abilities,  while also being open to feedback and learning.

*Pro tip: Write some powerful affirmations for confidence somewhere on your PC or workstation, so you can see the reminders of encouragement during the day.

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There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to becoming the ideal employee, since different workplaces value different qualities. However, there are some general traits and behaviors that are universally admired by employers and people that work alongside you. Here are some key areas to focus on: be action oriented, intelligent and reliable worker with a leader potential, that has good communication skills, is able to cooperate and is a confident professional with a positive attitude in every situation.

By focusing on these skills and fostering at least some of the traits mentioned, you will be well on your way to becoming an ideal employee. Remember, it is also important to be a good fit for the company culture. Think about what kind of environment you thrive in and seek out employers who share your values and prove them that you are the best there is. Don`t forget to use our download guide to create the best version of the ideal employee of yourself.



Get your Ideal employee checklist now!

Get your Ideal employee checklist now!

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