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Luxafor Bluetooth

$ 94.00
Meet Luxafor BLUETOOTH Boost personal and corporate productivity and collaboration with Luxafor Bluetooth – The Wireless Busy Light for Modern

Luxafor Bluetooth PRO

$ 109.00
The Luxafor Bluetooth Pro is the ultimate productivity gadget for individuals and corporations. Control your workflow and avoid distractions with ease. Order now and take control of your workday.

Luxafor Switch

$ 119.00
Improve workplace communication and productivity with Luxafor Switch - a USB LED do not disturb light that shows room and desk availability at the speed of light. Eliminate distractions and achieve deep work with this cutting-edge productivity tool. Order now on Luxafor.com and experience the benefits of a healthy corporate culture.

Luxafor Switch PRO

$ 139.00
Meet Luxafor Switch PRO Luxafor Switch PRO is specifically designed for your smart office to improve workplace communication by showing