Have a good night’s sleep and increase your productivity

Have you ever felt that there are not enough hours in the day to get the things done?

Some of us might think that the best scenario would be to take work home and gain some additional hours there. The logic is that if I get less sleep, but finish extra work, then at least tomorrow I would have less to do.

But is the time saved by working extra hours instead of sleeping well worth it? Read below for “7 Reasons Productive People Go to Bed Early” written by Amy Morin on Inc.

1. You lose focus and capacity to learn when you feel sleepy and exhausted, but a good 7 or 8 hours of sleep will help to recover from the workday and improve your memory. Avoid repeating the same tasks and dealing with your mistakes the next morning.
2. Working more than sleeping on a regular basis for a long time period might cause psychological problems – mood and anxiety disorders, or even depression.
3. Insufficient sleep negatively affects the efficiency of making good decisions.
4. Regular lack of sleep also affects the speed of reaction. “Researchers at Harvard Medical School report that insomnia is responsible for 274,000 workplace accidents and errors each year.” A. Morin, Inc.
5. You’re destroying your immune system if you’re not getting enough sleep. It means that you’re more likely to get some illness, eg. heart disease or stroke.
6. Lack of sleep causes unproductivity during the day. Quoting A. Morin, “Studies estimate people who aren’t getting enough sleep cost their employers about 11.3 days of work each year in reduced productivity.”
7. Being weak and tired due to inadequate sleep makes people bad at dealing with stress.

The original post “7 Reasons Productive People Go to Bed Early” was published on Inc., January 22, 2016 (written by Amy Morin)