Tips To Measure Your Employees Productivity While Working From Home

One study estimated that 73% of entire US employees would be working from home by 2028. But implementing work from home policy isn’t without challenges.The biggest challenge that most managers face is ‘how to measure the productivity of employees?’ Here’s how.

5 Tips to Make Your Remote Team More Productive

Several organizations are beginning to embrace remote work models. Your team might be new to working remotely or even be familiar with the model; you must keep improving on productivity and work output. Listed below are tips that can help your remote team become more productive.

Home Office Ideas: How to Work from Home Enjoyably

Working from home allows a great deal of flexibility and freedom to curve your schedule and improve on the work-life balance. It also allows you to save money on commute expenses. In addition, working in a customized office increases happiness and hence productivity. Here are clever ideas to incorporate in your home office for an enjoyable time working from home.

13 Best Free Website Blocker Apps for Boosting Your Productivity (2020)

While there are many roundabout ways to fix the productivity issue, the most immediate solution is simply – stop browsing web. Like for any problem there’s a problem-solving product. So here’s our ultimate list of 13 best website blocker apps that will help you avoid distractions for enhanced office productivity.

Remote Work During COVID-19: 4 Problems and How to Overcome Them

Remote Work During COVID-19: 4 Problems And How To Overcome Them

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, several businesses have sent their employees home or put measures to ensure their staff continues to work remotely. If you are one of those impacted, you may have realized that working from home needs a lot of self-discipline. Here’s 4 problems and how to overcome them.

10 Ways To Easily Organize Your Desk For Maximum Productivity

10 Ways To Easily Organize Your Desk For Maximum Productivity

Whether you’re working from home, or work in an open-office environment – a cluttered workspace simply won’t do! Instead, opt for an organized work desk, since it not only keeps your things in place, but also keeps you motivated to keep working. Here are ten ways to better organize your work desk for maximum productivity, and nailing business!

Remote Work: The Do’s and Don’ts in Skyrocketing Your Productivity

Remote Work: The Do's And Don'ts In Skyrocketing Your Productivity

The office—where the magic happens, creativity flows, and goals are achieved. For some, it is their castle of focus and their abode of productivity. This is all great except for one little problem: things are changing and most of us are now being forced to work from home. Let’s look at a few Do’s and Don’ts for working remotely.