Don't break the chain calendar

Don’t Break The Chain: Explained Kristian, the CEO of Luxafor company, is sharing his experience with one genius habit building technique, how to tackle it and why it is the key to success in any industry. All in a simple, Q&A manner of explaining things. What is Don’t Break The Chain technique? This technique has […]

All Of The Best Luxafor Open Source Projects In One Place

open source

All Of The Best Luxafor Open Source Projects In One Place We were (and still are) thrilled about the massive interest in Luxafor. So we made a list of everyone who has put their time and effort in developing new Luxafor open source projects. From day one Luxafor was created as an open source software. […]

Infographic: Simple Productivity Hacks Backed By Science

There’s a big difference between working hard and working smart. Working shorter, but ultra-productive hours are much better than working long hours at half-pace. There are many things that contribute to productivity including your workspace, workflow, and break habits. That’s right, taking breaks can actually make you more productive!

Roundup No. 7: How to thrive in an open-office world and improve productivity

8 Insanely Simple Productivity Hacks There are so many distractions in today’s workplace that break your focus and productive streaks. It’s easy to get stressed and frustrated because of non-stop interruptions. The good news is that there are hacks you can do to accomplish more in less time. These hacks include setting mini goals, putting […]

Foods that help fight depression

Foods that help fight depression

There probably aren’t many that think “you are what you eat” when it comes to productivity, but nutritional food can do miracles to your work efficiency!