How Does Air Quality Affect Employee Productivity in the Workplace?

Productivity is one of the most critical metrics for every business to consider. If you can boost productivity, your earnings will almost certainly rise as well. As a result, it’s no surprise that business owners around the world are always looking for new ways to improve productivity and motivate their workers.

Find a safe and Fun Working Environment to Increase Productivity

Most adults spend a huge chunk of their time working. The working environment, therefore, ought to be captivating, motivating, and safe if maximum productivity is to be achieved. Workplaces should feel like home. However, most employers aim for productivity at the expense of the employees’ safety. When that happens, employees get bored, unhappy, and unmotivated to work at their optimal levels. This is why, in this article, we discuss some fun-filled tips that would boost safety in your working environment.

7 Best CO2 Sensors and Air Quality Monitors for Home and Office

While the polluted air outdoors is easily detectable by the look, smell, and even taste of it, air pollution indoors is hard to detect without a proper device. To help you make the decision on which air quality and CO2 monitor to choose, here’s our 7 top performing air quality sensors for your home or office!

How to Keep On Track With Your Health Goals During a Pandemic

How to Keep On Track With Your Health Goals During a Pandemic

The new work-from-home environment has made us dull, lethargic, and less productive. Therefore, it is imperative to get up, set some core health goals, and boost productivity. Here are some useful tips for you to keep your health goals in check during the pandemic.

Tips To Measure Your Employees Productivity While Working From Home

One study estimated that 73% of entire US employees would be working from home by 2028. But implementing work from home policy isn’t without challenges.The biggest challenge that most managers face is ‘how to measure the productivity of employees?’ Here’s how.