How To Survive The Open Office Environment?

Man's hand holding Luxafor Orb busy light that's glowing red

In terms of productivity, open offices are not the greatest choice. The good news is, there is a solution for surviving the open office environment (in other words, you CAN still be productive while working in such a workspace)! More on that in this blog article.

6 SMARTER Goal Examples

In this article, we’ll tell you about how to organize routine in a SMART way and give you some SMARTER goals examples as reference points.

How To Do Deep Work Sessions Effectively?

Are you really productive, or are you just very busy? – There’s a huge difference! Jumping from one activity to another won’t lead you anywhere. So, if you want to get to your goal, you have to put a completely different strategy into your daily practice. Try doing the “deep work”!

Top 11 Awesome Corporate Gifts For Colleagues In 2021

11 amazing gifts for your colleagues

If you’re looking for awesome and practical gifts that your amazing co-workers will definitely love and appreciate – look no further because we have gathered a list of the TOP 11 best corporate gifts for 2021!

4 Steps To Improving Air Quality In The Office

Monitoring the air quality inside the office can help to reduce the risk of developing respiratory illnesses and other chronic disorders, as well as improving the overall health, and working capacity. In this article we give you 4 easy steps to improving the air quality in your office.

7 Best CO2 Sensors and Air Quality Monitors for Home and Office

While the polluted air outdoors is easily detectable by the look, smell, and even taste of it, air pollution indoors is hard to detect without a proper device. To help you make the decision on which air quality and CO2 monitor to choose, here’s our 7 top performing air quality sensors for your home or office!

Tips To Measure Your Employees Productivity While Working From Home

One study estimated that 73% of entire US employees would be working from home by 2028. But implementing work from home policy isn’t without challenges.The biggest challenge that most managers face is ‘how to measure the productivity of employees?’ Here’s how.

5 Tips to Make Your Remote Team More Productive

Several organizations are beginning to embrace remote work models. Your team might be new to working remotely or even be familiar with the model; you must keep improving on productivity and work output. Listed below are tips that can help your remote team become more productive.