7 Ways That Coffee Actually Affects Productivity

Coffee is incredible. This is not unusual for both employers and employees to search for a caffeinated beverage if they require a little of a boost of motivation. When taken in the correct amount and at the right moment, it will allow for an incredible productivity fix. Here’s 7 ways that coffee actually affects productivity!

Remote Work During COVID-19: 4 Problems and How to Overcome Them

Remote Work During COVID-19: 4 Problems And How To Overcome Them

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, several businesses have sent their employees home or put measures to ensure their staff continues to work remotely. If you are one of those impacted, you may have realized that working from home needs a lot of self-discipline. Here’s 4 problems and how to overcome them.

10 Ways To Easily Organize Your Desk For Maximum Productivity

10 Ways To Easily Organize Your Desk For Maximum Productivity

Whether you’re working from home, or work in an open-office environment – a cluttered workspace simply won’t do! Instead, opt for an organized work desk, since it not only keeps your things in place, but also keeps you motivated to keep working. Here are ten ways to better organize your work desk for maximum productivity, and nailing business!

Remote Work: The Do’s and Don’ts in Skyrocketing Your Productivity

Remote Work: The Do's And Don'ts In Skyrocketing Your Productivity

The office—where the magic happens, creativity flows, and goals are achieved. For some, it is their castle of focus and their abode of productivity. This is all great except for one little problem: things are changing and most of us are now being forced to work from home. Let’s look at a few Do’s and Don’ts for working remotely.