Don't break the chain calendar

Don’t Break The Chain: Explained Kristian, the CEO of Luxafor company, is sharing his experience with one genius habit building technique, how to tackle it and why it is the key to success in any industry. All in a simple, Q&A manner of explaining things. What is Don’t Break The Chain technique? This technique has […]

Mindfulness: Your Opportunity To Beat Stress And Burnout In The Workplace


Mindfulness: Your Opportunity To Beat Stress And Burnout In The Workplace Stress is a growing productivity issue worldwide and we have written about stress and burnout before. This is a topic that needs to be addressed again and again until all effective methods have been found and implemented in our everyday lives. One of the widely discussed methods of avoiding […]

Test: Are You Busy Or Productive?

Test: are you busy or productive

Test: Are You Busy Or Productive? We don’t need to do a research to know the answer to the above question. Unfortunately, in contemporary times, we are more busy than productive. However, nothing is carved in stone. You can always put in some effort to eliminate the busy habits to become the most productive you. […]

Luxafor Study Finds What The Biggest Productivity Issues Are

What are the biggest productivity issues

Luxafor’s Study Finds What The Biggest Productivity Issues Are Here at Luxafor we are very passionate about making the work environment productive and stress-free. We know that the best work is done in a workplace where you feel comfortable. As we are continuously working on new products to help modern workplaces become more productive and […]

All Of The Best Luxafor Open Source Projects In One Place

open source

All Of The Best Luxafor Open Source Projects In One Place We were (and still are) thrilled about the massive interest in Luxafor. So we made a list of everyone who has put their time and effort in developing new Luxafor open source projects. From day one Luxafor was created as an open source software. […]

How to make life simpler? 10 tips from crowdsourced wisdom

Our days fill up so fast with big and small tasks, and soon we become accustomed to this kind of chaos and take it as normal. Turns out it is not so difficult to make changes towards a simpler and less stressful life. Question-and-answer site Quora provides many advices on this topic.  We have summarized […]

Infographic: Tips On How To Prevent Procrastination

Just as you have started to work on a big project, you get the sudden need to make coffee, check why frogs are green, write an email to a long-lost friend or even clean the floor. If you know what I am talking about, you have been struggling with procrastination.   Procrastination is not only […]

5 Ways To Beat Stress at Work

Does your workplace triggers and increases stress? How many times and hours daily do you find yourself stressing out which affects your whole productivity and steady focus throughout the day in general? Workplace stress is serious and shouldn’t be shrugged off as “this day will pass” and “you’ll get over it”. The feeling is overwhelming and […]

How To Maintain Your Productivity During The Pokemon Go Craze

As many of you know, the world has been overtaken by the Pokemon Go craze and our office is no exception. While we initially presumed that this would only dampen the general productivity, we grew to understand that the phenomenon had also a brighter side to it. People all around the office were bonding and […]