Writing a Time Management Action Plan for Remote Teams

A precise time management action plan will save your team from facing many challenges or even falling apart. Even if somebody is reluctant to allow their team to work remotely, a prompt development of an action plan and effective time management techniques will help enjoy the benefits of work-from-home mode.

8 Ways You Can Prepare for A Crisis (To Show Your Leadership)

Employees must be able to rely on your leadership during a crisis. As a leader, your responsibility is to quickly adapt to the new circumstances, ease up the process for your staff, and show no panic response. Here are eight ways in which you can help your staff cope with a crisis.

Tips To Measure Your Employees Productivity While Working From Home

One study estimated that 73% of entire US employees would be working from home by 2028. But implementing work from home policy isn’t without challenges.The biggest challenge that most managers face is ‘how to measure the productivity of employees?’ Here’s how.

5 Tips to Make Your Remote Team More Productive

Several organizations are beginning to embrace remote work models. Your team might be new to working remotely or even be familiar with the model; you must keep improving on productivity and work output. Listed below are tips that can help your remote team become more productive.

11 Tools & Strategies to Make Meetings More Efficient and Actually Productive

11 Tools & Strategies to Make Meetings More Efficient and Actually Productive Everybody hates meetings. More often than not, they’re uncontrollably long and don’t do much to arrive at a better conclusion than: some work needs to be done. In fact, most meetings turn out unproductive, as executives consider 67% of meetings to be failures. […]

8 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Writing Skills

8 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Writing Skills As a leader, you constantly need to work on improving your skillset and further developing professionally.  Whether you like it or not, people are going to look up to you and see you as a role model. They’ll analyze everything that you do, and if they see […]