3 Ways how The Mute button can improve your online experience

3 Ways how The Mute button can improve your online experience - Luxafor

Nowadays we cannot imagine our workweek without at least one online meeting or call. And we have all been there – you are on a call, meeting, or online gaming session with your friends and someone in the background is saying things the rest should not be hearing. All along you thought you were on mute. More so, if you are working from home and you are not living alone. So, what can make your everyday online life easier? We have a solution!

Introducing - Luxafor Mute Button

No more stressful switching between different windows and tabs looking for that mute option. Luxafor Mute Button switches the mic on and off with a simple touch of a button. No more awkward moments of silence, while searching for how to switch on the mic or interruptions from people around, when your mic is on. Simple and intuitive design will be easy to use on an everyday basis. And color-coded LED will indicate whether your mic is on or off, you are in an important meeting or talking with friends online. Just set up your own custom color-coded signals and no more worrying about interruptions from your family, housemates, or coworkers. 

Luxafor Mute Button - Interacts on hardware, not app level, and connects and disconnects the microphone via System Settings, ensuring a reliable and consistent performance
Source: Luxafor 

Mute button - not only for office

Of course, most of the Luxafor products are created for the office environment and to make working remotely or in a hybrid mode easier. But as our gadgets are gaining popularity, we receive feedback on how our devices can be used in different scenarios. And we are glad to see that the Mute button and other products have found a place in particular tasks other than usual office settings. Here are a few ones, where the Mute button can come in handy:

1. Online studies and courses

Attending classes and learning new things through Zoom, Skype or Facebook live is a completely normal scenario after we all experienced a complete shift to online schools and university lectures in the last two years. Yes, most educational institutions are back to face-to-face learning, but some still offer online classes.  And not only formal education, but courses, workshops, and webinars are still trendy and useful opportunities to reach more knowledge and finally reach the information you need from anywhere in the world. In some, you are just a listener and on mute all the time, but in some – you have to participate and talk to others attendees. Avoid talking at the wrong time, or missing your opportunity to tell the right answer, because you were on the mute – use the Mute button for the easy on and off mute option. 

2. Online meetings from the home office

Yes, we know, that working from home has as many pros as cons. And one of the cons is background noises. Roommates, significant others, kids and pets – from time to time can interrupt your online calls, and that’s common and no one is surprised anymore. But you can reduce them by using LED indicators that are built into our Mute Button. Tell your housemates what each color means, and unwanted interruptions will become less frequent. Also, it’s easier to teach your kids – No noise when the red (blue, purple, etc.) light is on. About pets… we are not that sure.

Office work 5 - Luxafor
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3. Gaming sessions

Gamers know – in some gaming sessions it’s all about a matter of seconds and fast finger movements. And what can be more annoying if in the heat of the game you need to search for that mute or unmute option, right? Don’t ruin your scores and don’t let your team down, use the Mute button for a fast and immediate reaction, when you need to speak when teammates. Just press the button when you need to speak, and again, turn to mute, when there are some background noises.

Virtual meeting etiquette for even better online calls

Muting yourself and your background noises when others are speaking is just one of the tips on virtual meeting etiquette. As the world is still changing and online calls are becoming a big part of our everyday tasks, we need to remain polite and respectful to others. So, here are 5 great tips on virtual meeting etiquette: 

  1. Be on time  – think of the online meeting as the same as a face-to-face meeting. Don’t be late, arrive, or in this case connect, in time. If you are not sure about your mic or camera working test them in advance, so no technical difficulties stand in the way of a productive call. 
  2. Dress appropriately – everything that could be seen on camera should be appropriate for the format of the meeting. When talking to business partners or managers, switch your old t-shirt to something more convenient. Yes, you can leave the comfy pants or fuzzy socks on, just be sure not to stand up and reveal your homey secret. 
  3. Set the right environment & background – the best background is a plain wall, but most of us don’t have them in our home offices and that’s ok. Just check that your background is proper, without mess, too much personal stuff, or distracting features. And to avoid awkward moments, try to find a background where no one can walk by. 
  4. Don’t multitask – stay focused – as mentioned before, think of the online meeting as the same as a face-to-face meeting. The person who is speaking deserves your undivided attention, so don’t bring other tasks to your online meetings. Of course, you can type some notes, but be sure not to distract the speaker or yourself from the main purpose of this session.
  5. Don’t eat or slurp your drink – ok, you can have a cup of coffee in your morning brief with the team, but when it comes to official calls, avoid eating or drinking, even if you feel the comfort of your home. That’s not the most professional behavior and can be very offensive to others.  Leave the lunch activities to off-camera time, alright? 

Office work 6 - Luxafor
Source: Pexels

Final thoughts

Formal or not-so-formal online calls can be a handful. Don’t complicate your life by switching your mic on and off using that small window on your desktop. Try something faster, easier, and more convenient – The Luxafor Mute button. And remember, it’s polite to mute yourself when others are speaking. 


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Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

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