5 Incredible Ways to Increase Employee Morale in 2022

5 Incredible Ways To Increase Employee Morale In 2022 - Luxafor

Have you ever looked at some of the world’s most successful companies and thought to yourself: “Wow, they are so lucky to get unbelievable amounts of income all the time. I wonder what their success formula is… Probably just being super productive!”?

When in actuality their success lies in happy and confident employees that believe in the work they do. Their job becomes their passion, and that results in endless company growth and satisfied partners – everyone becomes happy, yay.

So what are the ways you can, too, work on increasing your team’s morale, making them content, confident, and overall enjoy the work they do? Keep reading this blog article and get to know 5 incredible tips that will help you with that!

Why is team morale so important?

You probably, too, have worked on some projects that just aren’t your cup of tea – you didn’t see the point of them, therefore you lost your overall desire to put any effort into them.

The same goes for team morale – employees with lower morale tend to show lower levels of productivity. It can determine your company’s success. Employees with strong morale have a more positive attitude, provide better customer service, and are more productive overall (and remember, there’s a difference between “productive” and “busy). 

And accordingly – low or poor team morale significantly reduces productivity, which then negatively affects their colleagues and even customers, reducing the overall work effectiveness and having a negative toll on your company’s reputation!

Many companies all around the world still to this day struggle with maintaining their teams happy, content, and engaged, but it’s important to be aware of it and acknowledge that so it can be worked on.

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5 ways you can work on improving your employee morale

The key things you should keep in mind when working on boosting team morale are:

  • showing appreciation;
  • encouraging creativity;
  • allowing and emboldening your employees to grow;
  • not forgetting about the importance of eye-to-eye meetings;
  • keeping the work-life balance at a healthy level.


So now let’s look at each of these 5 ways closer and more in-depth.

1. Show your employees appreciation for the effort and good work

Employee recognition is one of the most important productivity-boosting and engaging factors for your team. 

Essentially, it is an open acknowledgment and expression of appreciation for individuals’ contributions to your business. Showing your staff that you’re grateful for them will increase their self-esteem, raising trust in one another at the same time.

Statistics show that, on average, a team member, who feels recognized and appreciated for their work, is 63% more likely to continue to work at their current job for at least the next three to six months.

You can give them a raise, good feedback about their accomplishments, maybe even some material rewards, like a free monthly gym subscription. In other words – show them that you see the efforts that they put into your company and you’re very proud and thankful for that.

2. Work on maintaining a creative approach in your team

Some professional fields are more playful and artistic than others. If you feel that your team is working on a more repetitive project, try to think of more creative approaches or encourage your employees to think outside the box.

Don’t be scared to challenge your staff a little – have a brainstorm session with them, so together you can come up with some new, innovative techniques they can apply to their day-to-day work, spicing it up a little. 

During this conversation, you’ll also discover what are the difficulties and obstacles they might face and think of ways to get rid of them to make their tasks more enjoyable and exciting.

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3. Motivate your employees towards their personal and professional growth

Sure, a bigger paycheck may be an amazing motivator for some, but what actually matters the most for most of the employees are opportunities for professional and personal growth.

In fact, reports show that approximately 94% of employees would be willing to stay at a company for longer if it simply provided them with resources that would help them learn.

So in order to improve team morale in your company, you must give your employees an abundance of opportunities to learn new skills and to develop their existing knowledge even more. 

This will make your team more satisfied with the workplace and their daily tasks because they will be more competent in their job, helping them see the point of it and get more engaged.

4. Don't forget about the one-on-one meetings

Your team needs to be sure that they can talk to their company management about any concerns they might have and feel heard and needed.

That’s why you should prioritize one-on-one meetings as well. Make some time to talk with your employees and listen to them. The key is to provide a healthy partnership within the company.

5. Keep the work-life balance at a healthy level

Burnouts are one of the most common modern-day problems because nowadays many workers, especially millennials, forget about setting the boundaries when it comes to working.

You have to encourage your team to take breaks and NOT TO WORK after the workday is over. And you also have to remind yourself that an innocent little email after work hours is not so innocent after all – many employees have their email notifications on at all times, so it makes them turn their minds back to work once again.

Talk to your team about it – tell them that they have to rest and spend time with their loved ones, leaving all the worries about work in the office.

Final Thoughts

Achieving your business goals, of course, is super important but you can’t forget about the well-being of your team – the people that are in charge of helping your company achieve those goals.

Keep in mind the five ways mentioned above when you’re about to work on your employee morale and have a look at how much happier and more productive your team becomes!


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Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

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