How To Do Deep Work Sessions Effectively?

How To Do Deep Work Sessions Effectively - Luxafor

Are you really productive… or are you just very busy? You might not even know this but there’s a huge difference! If you find yourself jumping from task to task, checking all the incoming notifications, searching for unread emails, etc., it’s a sign of being busy, not productive.

And while you might think: “Well, as long as I’m busy, I’m doing something right for achieving my goals”, that might not be the case at all. This attention-eating habit of jumping from one activity to another won’t lead you anywhere. 

So, if you really want to get to your goal, you have to put a completely different strategy into your daily practice. Try doing the so-called “deep work”!

What is deep work?

By its definition, deep work is “an activity performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that pushes your cognitive capabilities to their limits”, meaning you’re blocking out your time for purposeful, focused work.

As Cal Newport, a renowned author and computer science professor at Georgetown University, deep work is an amazing skill that enables you to learn difficult information fast and deliver amazing results in less time.

To do the deep work session, you have to be very intentional, strengthening your ability to work in a state of deep concentration and focus for a long time, without distraction or interruption.

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Can deep work increase productivity?

Think about it this way – when doing the deep work session, you’re solely focussing on completing one major project or task instead of bouncing from one thing to another while chatting with your colleagues along the way.

So of course it can significantly increase your ability to be productive in your workday. Even Newport himself has said that those who practice deep working on a daily basis are more likely to outstrip their co-workers with the quality of their work and the number of accomplished tasks. So ultimately they are the ones that get better positions in the workplaces.

The best thing is – not only your boss will notice your amazing achievements, but you’ll also feel fulfilled and proud of yourself for accomplishing those huge, difficult tasks. And this feeling of fulfillment doesn’t stop only at work – it extends to your whole day-to-day life more generally.

Getting ready for deep work

In order to succeed with your deep work session, you must practice intention with your time and determine when you will fit in moments of focus. So when creating a deep work routine, keep the following points in mind:

Choose an appropriate location

Make sure that the space you’re planning to do your deep work is free of any distractions, meaning no one will be around you and is comfortable enough for you to be able to focus for a long period. 

If there’s no way you can get a free space just for yourself, try using noise-canceling headphones, getting rid of all the noises around you. Another pro-tip is finding a place that feels familiar to you – the sense of familiarity will help you gain focus much quicker.

Think of the duration of your session

Sometimes you may set a goal that’s a little too unreal for you at that exact time to accomplish, leading you nowhere but to burnout – you don’t want that.

The same goes with deep work sessions – start slowly with shorter sessions and then work your way up to longer session times. For your first session, try doing 15 minutes of deep work. Then, next time try focusing on your tasks for 20 minutes, then 25, and so on.

Set a structure for yourself

Think ahead of how your deep work session is going to look like – will you have your phone on silent or you’ll allow yourself to receive important calls just in case? Are you going to respond to some small questions that someone asks you? Are you going to use some website blockers to limit your desire to search for something unrelated to your task?

It can also be very valuable to think of ways to measure your deep work success – is it going to be the number of pages you’ve read during the session or maybe the number of words you’ve written, etc.

In other words – make yourself some kind of structure to really motivate yourself and give your brain a signal that it’s time for some serious work at last!

What are some requirements you may need?

Sure, it may be difficult to think of some things that can always help you get the most out of your deep work sessions, but with time, you’ll get a better understanding of what those things are for you.

For example, some of the requirements can be a certain type of music that helps you gain better focus, your favorite little snack that gets you in the mood for work, or maybe even a specific app or a gadget.

Whatever it is, make sure you have it with you at times when you’re planning to do your deep work session!

Devices for deep work Luxafor

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How to make sure no one will distract me?

Even if you make sure that you get yourself ready for your deep work session in all the possible ways, you just can’t control people around you… or can you?

There are some very useful gadgets that can really come in handy with helping you achieve deep work. In fact, we have something in mind already!

Luxafor Bluetooth wireless USB LED availability indicator is an amazing device for helping you get rid of distractions! How? It communicates with a color-coding system, letting your co-workers know when you’re busy so they don’t interrupt your deep work anymore.

Luxafor Bluetoth availability indicator

So, what makes this little device so amazing?

  • You can change colors from green for “available” to red for “busy”, or use other colors to communicate other things, having more control over your external distractions for colleagues;
  • The system has a built-in timer that helps to plan and execute deep work sessions throughout the day;
  • You can also implement the Pomodoro productivity technique, dividing workflow into organized chunks of deep work and rest (e.g., 25 and 5 minutes);
  • AND you can also connect it to your calendar and thousands of other services via Zapier, converting it into your personal assistant!
Luxafor Bluetooth is a wireless and software-controlled LED office busy light that allows managing notifications and workplace availability

That’s why this is the perfect device for enhancing your deep work – just set up the smart schedule and promote smart, balanced work time management! Check out Luxafor Bluetooth here!

Are you ready for deep work?

Now that we’ve shared all of our “get ready to do some deep work” tips and tricks, all you have to do is get in the right mindset, find your biggest tasks that you’ve been trying to avoid for as long as possible, and finally get them done!

We can assure you – the uplifting feeling you’ll get after every deep work session is so worth it! …not to mention the fact that you’ll finally be able to get rid of any unwanted stress you got from trying to run away from your responsibilities!


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Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

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