5 Reasons Why Delegation is Important
for Business Leaders

5 Reasons Why Delegation is Important for Business Leaders - Luxafor

Business leaders model inspiring leadership in the most worthwhile way. Being an entrepreneur, you always tend to lead from the front. Of course, no one else understands your dream of making your business colossal as you do. Hence, you take it upon yourself to manage and deliver on every vertical. Your courage and your willingness to make constant efforts are commendable. You are everything a leader should be, and that is enchanting. However, modern challenges require modern solutions.

To be successful as an entrepreneur in contemporary times, you need to find the right blend of smart work and hard work. Talking of smart work, delegation is the new mantra of success. You have to show faith in your team members and delegate work and authority. In this post, we look at some incredible benefits of delegation. Before that, let us try to decipher what delegation of authority and responsibilities signify.

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What is work delegation and what do other entrepreneurs think of it?

In the simplest terms, delegation means allocating or assigning responsibilities to others in the workplace. It takes comprehensive and strategic planning to decide on delegation. It is salient to identify the verticals of authority that can be delegated and the employees who would be the best candidates for delegation. As a positive ramification of work delegation, you can invest your time in more essential business activities that require your acumen and expertise. Effective delegation can turn out to be a competitive advantage for your business.

You will be astonished to know how most business owners firmly believe in delegation’s prowess. According to an article on work delegation, 53 percent of entrepreneurs feel that delegation is critical to their success. They opine that by delegating 10 percent of their workload, they can grow their business by more than 20 percent. That is a stellar and intriguing insight into work delegation, isn’t it? Eli Broad, one of the top American entrepreneurs on the Forbes 500 list, says, “The inability to delegate is one of the biggest problems I see with managers at all levels.” For sure, the most successful CEOs are leveraging the charm of delegation.

The best part is, in the growing expanse of part-time working opportunities or freelancing, finding experts for work delegation is super convenient. You can hire people in other countries and make them a part of your enterprise in a few clicks. Fascinating by all means! Moving ahead, now let us shed light on some significant merits of work delegation for your business.

Stellar benefits of delegating tasks and authority

1. It can give you a healthy work-life balance

Most CEOs or top executives will assert that work-life balance is a myth. This is because they are always on the go taking care of every task on their own. However, a worthwhile delegation of tasks and authority can lead to the accomplishment of this surreal balance. As per research by NodeSource Press, maintaining a prosperous work-life balance is a common hardship among entrepreneurs. Besides, working relentlessly in the absence of delegation makes them reel under stress. Gallup Wellbeing Index cites that around 45 percent of business leaders report terrible stress.

However, successful and proficient delegation can overhaul the landscape. It is obvious that working under stress and striving to manage work-life balance will recede productivity. You are a human being, after all, and you have your saturations as well. So, why not delegate and keep yourself productive for tasks that cannot be done without you? You can always delegate a part of your workload and focus better on essential tasks. This will also help you deal with stress and to have some prerequisite leisure time. Getting the work-life balance right is not as unrealistic as you may think!

2. It can improve all parameters of employee engagement

Employee engagement is the buzzword these days amid corporate scenarios. Organizations have realized that the active engagement of employees is critical to their success. Studies by Gallup indicate that organizations with high engagement are 22 percent more profitable. Given that, businesses look to evolve different strategies to upscale the engagement of employees. Well, delegation in itself is an impactful strategy to tick most boxes right for high performance. You often deliberate on practical formulas to increase the productivity of your team. This is one of them for sure!

When you delegate authority, you show trust in your employees. This trust is paramount to their motivation and loyalty to the company. Besides, this imparts a sense of belonging and empowerment in them. Realizing the fact that their employers are showing great faith in them, they will feel the urge to be more efficient. It also improves the relationships between employers and employees. Hence, with delegation, you can enhance the overall employee engagement of your organization. Subsequently, it will add to the success and profits of your company. One solution for all your employee engagement needs, isn’t it?

3. It helps you identify and create leaders

Finding potential leaders out of employees or creating leaders to take managerial roles is vital. This is one realm most organizations invest in proactively. That is why there is a lot of focus on the development and training of employees. But delegation in itself can be a smart way of creating and inspiring leaders within your organization. When you delegate authority, you create leaders who are then responsible for utilizing that authority in a booming way. From managing a social media crisis to discovering innovative marketing campaigns, you do not have to deal with everything on your own. Let people around you handle crisis situations and see how they shine!

Having more responsibility on their shoulders and more authority in their hands will make them better leaders. Learning from real-time scenarios is any day better than learning from books and quotes on leadership. A lot of employers restrict themselves to telling their employees how to do things. But when you delegate authority, you let them decide how they want to go about their tasks. This sense of liberty and empowerment will drive greater performance and creativity in them. Remember, you cannot cage creativity and innovation. You have to learn to set it free rather than micromanaging your employees.

4. It improves your time management in an incredible way

For most business people, time is synonymous with money. You always have a lot on your plate, and hence managing time can be difficult. Further, these time management challenges can interfere with your productivity. It could happen at times that you spent the entire day at work, but productivity was not much. This is because managing your time between too many tasks can be bewildering. However, when you start to delegate cautiously, you have more time on your hands. You will no longer feel that you are up for a race against time.

Having outsourced some of your tasks, you can manage your time well. You can invest more time in operations that require your participation and meticulous supervision. On the sidelines of better time management, your planning and organization will also witness positive impacts. It is simple to understand that things go well and finish on time when you work in a team. Hence, delegation is an excellent time management strategy for business owners. Are you not convinced already? Do you know Elon Musk works 120 hours per week working at Tesla? If you cannot take that much burnout, delegating would be a great idea.

5. It creates an ultra-progressive work environment

The work environment and company culture are essential to the motivation of employees. In a company where there is work delegation, the environment says positive and progressive. In such an environment, there are learning and development opportunities that employees appreciate. Career advancement opportunities are, in fact, among the largest driving factors for employees. When you share authority with your subordinates, they will feel motivated to align their personal goals with the organizational objectives. Such a positive work environment will bring down absenteeism and turnover.

Everyone loves a positive and rejuvenated work environment. Even you would not want the work environment of your organization ever to be negative. That is going to hit the motivation and dedication of employees. So, you always try to create a conducive work environment high on performance. In doing so, delegation can be a tool holding immense power. This positivity will further resonate in the revenues and customer experiences delivered by your business.


To encapsulate, the delegation of work has much more benefits than the demerits it may have. Demerits will be subject to your strategy and your choice of people you delegate authority. As long as you make prudent decisions to delegate, the potential cons will be under check. Besides, if done in an efficacious manner, delegation can have a direct impact on profitability. In addition, it has fascinating advantages in terms of engagement, company culture, and the loyalty of employees. So, if you have not thought of delegation yet, it is time you work on this competitive advantage. Other businesses are making significant gains out of delegation. When are you incorporating this strategy into your business leadership?

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Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

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