7 Best CO2 Sensors and Air Quality Monitors
for Home and Office (2021)

7 Best CO2 Sensors and Air Quality Monitors for Home and Office - Luxafor

30 percent of new and remodeled buildings in America show all the signs of poor indoor air quality, says the Consumer Product Safety Commission. There are many studies proving the impact air quality has on productivity and health. A worrying sign is an existence of SBS (sick building syndrome) proving that bad air quality can manifest in many ways besides loss of productivity – from headaches to respiratory problems.

We may think that it is the polluted city air that is the worst one for our health, but we may be mistaken. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air pollution indoors is often between two and five times greater than outdoors – and can get at its extreme up to 100 times worse than the open air.

While the polluted air outdoors is easily detectable by its look, smell, and even taste of it, air pollution indoors is hard to detect without a proper device. To help you make the decision on which air quality and CO2 monitor to choose, here are our 7 top performing air quality sensors for your home or office!

7 Best CO2 Sensors and Air Quality Monitors for Home and Office

It’s tiny and functional, it’s wireless and portable, and it’s capable of a lot. Luxafor CO2 Monitor is an environment monitor that measures the office microclimate – humidity, CO2, temperature, noise, and lighting – relevant to productive work. The e-ink display shows what should be improved to achieve the perfect environmental conditions in your workplace for better health and higher productivity. Besides its powerful sensor for detecting CO2 and temperature which are typical features of any other CO2 meters out there, it gives you noise and lighting levels of an individual workspace to understand the other very important factors that influence our productivity at work.

This comparatively weightless device is a solid choice for offices that want to increase the long-term productivity of the team, as healthy workers are proven to be more productive in a healthy environment, which leads to a better work ethic and higher quality of life. We’re not just saying this because we created it. It’s because we created it to be the most optimal way how to measure and improve the indoor air quality and most important environmental conditions in your office.

2. Gain Express Indoor Air Quality Tester

Best CO2 monitors Luxafor

Although it looks like a retro Nokia, this air quality tester really comes in handy for measuring CO2 levels, temperature, and humidity. The NDIR sensor claims to provide very accurate readings so the device is also compatible with reading the environmental conditions in an office, as well as a lab. A great plus is that it has a high battery life due to its efficient circuitry.

3. Temtop Air Quality Monitor

Orange CO2 monitor

A bit like an upgrade to the previous listing, this multi-functional air quality monitor has laser particle and CO2 sensors that provide accurate readings. Although the device looks very professional, the monitor displays readings in a very easy-to-understand way. The alarm function comes in handy to notify when CO2 reaches or maxes out a set limit.

4. Perfect-Prime Indoor Air Quality Meter

Best CO2 monitor examples Luxafor

This monitor measures CO2 levels in a wide range up to 9999 ppm and logs about 12’700 readings. What’s also great is that it logs other readings as well such as temperature (14-158 F) and humidity. Charge it through a standard USB cable, compatible with a mobile phone power bank and charger, and you’re good to go.

5. GZAIR Wall Mountable Carbon Dioxide Detector

Best CO2 Monitor examples Luxafor

This wall-mountable CO2 meter is a professional device for measuring air quality practically anywhere where CO2 has typically generated at high levels: schools, office buildings, hotels, and even greenhouses. The separate detection modes for people and plants have different ranges to detect the best possible conditions for your office workers as well as your office plants.

6. Hydrofarm Autopilot Desktop CO2 Monitor & Data Logger

Best CO2 monitors for home office Luxafor

This CO2 monitor also gives readings of relative humidity and temperature on a bright and clear display. The trend chart shows the variable readings of these parameters, helping you to see the pattern of how they change during weeks or hours, even. An audible alarm signal you of CO2 levels that are too low or too high.

7. Yvelines Air Quality Monitor

Best CO2 Monitor examples Luxafor

This monitor by Yvelines comes in very handy if your office is exposed to more toxic nearby chemicals. Besides measuring CO2 with top-notch accuracy, it is also capable of detecting formaldehyde, toluene, harmful chemical substances, and pollutants such as carbon monoxide, smoke, fog, dust, alcohol, glue, paint, ink, and others. Portable and equipped with a rechargeable battery, it is a great choice for offices near or next to the factory area.

Our final thoughts

Although most CO2 monitors fall in the price range of $90-170, there are certain nuances that each device does. To make the final conclusion over which air quality and CO2 monitor to pick for your office, it all pretty much depends on the gravity of the issue. If you feel like you and your coworkers are exposed to chemicals and toxic particles, then definitely go for the more professional ones. Likewise, a more precise sensor will be necessary to detect minute fluctuations in environmental conditions.

However, if you’re looking for a simple CO2 sensor that looks discreet and does a great job to provide you with accurate readings of CO2, temperature, humidity, light, and noise, why not give Luxafor CO2 monitor a try?

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