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Updated (Last edit date): 04.04.2023

Brief cases:

  • Availability: 2 Guest-Blog slots are available each month.
  • Prices: Guest-blog publishing – 20$, 1 link placement free of charge (additional 40$ each). 
  • Link placement – 40$ each.
  • Unique and high-quality content ONLY.
  • Dates of publishing:  To Be Discussed.
  • Links being with the subject of approval (not more than 5 links in total in each blog article).
  • We are accepting links covering the following industries/topics ONLY – IT, SaaS, Business, coaching/mentoring, Productivity, Efficiency, and personal growth.
  • We are accepting guest-blog articles dedicated to – personal and professional Productivity, Efficiency, and personal growth ONLY.

Detailed guidelines:

These are the general guidelines we ask for you to follow when writing for or providing a link to any content on your site:

  • Guest posts must be at least 1000 words long,
  • If you want us to add a do-follow link in to the guest blog article, please make sure it aligns with our content strategy and is relevant to our products and services.
  • All of the guest posts must be dedicated to topics such as – Productivity, Efficiency, and Effectiveness – concerning personal and working/office life.
  • Create solid, unique content with valuable tips as in the examples you sent in, and avoid giving too generic advice, as we try our best to always differentiate from the rest of the sources by providing unique, actionable, and fact-based advice to our readers. No plagiarism.
  • No sales pitches / links to selling goods or services / in the article or content on your page.
  • Ensure that nothing on your site or in the guest article content misrepresents or represents the direct opposite of our brand values: Individual productivity leads to business productivity, which leads to overall success, which is based on our strong belief that innovative solutions that help people become more productive both inside and outside the workplace can boost the creation of better work-life balance for individuals worldwide, which in turn can create a better work ethic and larger profits within the international business environment.
  • No misleading or inaccurate information.
  • Always refer to the source of information (including visuals) when the source is known.
  • Preferably, you would provide the visuals for the guest article as well. If you need assistance with that, let us know and we will pick / create the pictures / illustrations necessary.
  • Guest post topics must align with the content strategy sent over to you by our Content Manager.


If you would have any additional questions or require clarification about any of the points mentioned above – please reach out to your contact person within the Luxafor team or send an email to our Content Manager using the form below.

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