Find a safe and Fun Working Environment to Increase Productivity

Find a safe and Fun Working Environment to Increase Productivity - Luxafor

Most adults spend a huge chunk of their time working. The working environment, therefore, ought to be captivating, motivating, and safe if maximum productivity is to be achieved. Workplaces should feel like home. However, most employers aim for productivity at the expense of the employees’ safety. When that happens, employees get bored, unhappy, and unmotivated to work at their optimal levels. This is why, in this article, we discuss some fun-filled tips that would boost safety in your working environment.

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1. Encourage employees to work in coworking spaces

Coworking spaces provide accommodation to different businesses and professionals. They give startup entrepreneurs and remote workers a good chance to interact with the business world unlike in the traditional offices where interactions are limited. Coworking spaces promote happiness for workers as it breaks the boredom that comes with the monotony of working in the same office environment for years on end.

Workers meet and make friends with different people of different nationalities, professions, personalities, and social classes. That enhances their social life. They also learn more through sharing ideas with different professionals with different business know-how. Most importantly, employees get the freedom to travel the world and still work in a good working environment away from home. When visiting Toronto, for example, a worker can walk into coworking Toronto and find all the tech support and amenities they need to work optimally.

2. Introduce frequent sports day in the company

his is a good way of giving employees a break from work. This helps them to relieve work-related stress, unwind and re-energize for a better, fresh start. In addition, sports and physical activities increase motivation and morale among workers since they get to make even stronger bonds in a fun way. That improves communication among them and they consequently are able to help each other deliver their level best.

Additionally, participating in sports and other physical activities is a good way to exercise. Exercising helps in keeping stress in check as well as enhancing physical fitness, which effectively lowers the risk of diseases such as HBP, among other diseases. To make it more fun and motivating, you can offer a reward to the winning teams.

3. Make the working environment feel just like home

To start with, you can engage the employees when decorating the offices. For instance, bringing in a plant of their choice would not only purify the air around but it would also make the space feel personal- feel more alive and motivating. In addition, ensure the temperatures are favorable and comfortable to work under. Ensure the lighting in the working areas is safe for their vision (i.e. not too dim or excessively bright).

When designing the office, you could consider giving the employees a well-furnished break room. They also get a chance to interact and relax in the break room. With a microwave and a fridge around, they would be safer eating their own cooked food as opposed to getting food elsewhere. If possible, integrating a kitchen should be a good addition as well, contact general contractors on how to make a convenient new kitchen in your space. If space and resources allow, you can incorporate an office gym where the employees can exercise before or after work. This could help them relax, raise their moods and focus better on their work.

4. Practice consistent safety awareness in the working place

Safety awareness methods could be fun and effective if they are more engaging and consistent. Employee awareness of work safety could prevent or reduce the occurrence of occupational injury in the workforce. Work safety could be emphasized by frequent and engaging safety training programs. Encourage reporting of accidents and safety threatening incidences and act on them immediately. In addition, include work safety and employee health as a frequent agenda in meetings and give chance to the employees to share their safety ideas and experiences. It is also important to frequently inspect the premises for any possible hazard.

Psychological safety also determines how productive a worker can be. Work-related psychological issues may include behavior changes such as withdrawal, alcoholism, unexplained absenteeism and in worst cases, they may suffer from anxiety and depression. These effects may be brought about by excessive tiredness, unachievable deadlines, and unresolved conflicts at work among others. To prevent this, ensure you create favorable communication channels where they can communicate their grievances. Creating teamwork would help too in beating deadlines and ensure your employees are able to strike a good work-life balance.


Evidently, a happy worker who feels their safety is guaranteed is more productive than a worker who feels otherwise. This is because they are able to relax and concentrate fully on the task at hand. Full concentration at work assures efficiency and total productivity.

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Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

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