Reach Your Full Potential With These 6 Productivity Podcasts

Reach Your Full Potential With These 6 Productivity Podcasts - Luxafor

Productivity is the one thing that most people struggle with. You want to get more done in your day, and start being more efficient. There sure is a lot of advice out there for those who want to be more productive, and you’ll find plenty of podcasts that will help you achieve those goals.

Podcasts are perfect for this, as they allow you to listen and learn while you’re doing other things. Put on a podcast in the car, in the shower, or while you’re doing the dishes. You can soak up so much information and ideas this way.

With this in mind, let’s check out the 6 best productivity podcasts out there right now.

When it comes to productivity, David Allen is the number one guru. He’s the author of bestseller Getting Things Done, and now he’s creating a podcast with the same name to help you achieve results.

In the podcast, he uses the Getting Things Done system as described in the book. He aims to help you achieve a ‘mind like water’, so you can make sense of the chaos around you and start, as the name says, getting things done.

There’s plenty of episodes for you to sink your teeth into, such as how having kids affects the way you can be productive, how to set clear goals, and how to stop procrastinating. Whatever your goals are, you’re sure to find something here that’s helpful.

There are plenty of resources on the site that you can use alongside the podcast. For example, there are YouTube videos which are perfect for visual learners. Of course, you can also buy the book through the site too.

‘When you listen to most productivity podcasts, you’ll see that they offer lots of concrete advice and tips’ says writer Elise Regan from Elite Assignment Help and Custom Writing Services. ‘However, Back To Work is more of a deep dive into important topics you should know about.’

While this doesn’t sound like something you’ll want at first, this podcast offers crucial information and background to productivity tips. Each episode is an hour and a half long, giving the hosts lots of time to really get into the details. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn here. There’s over 500 episodes too, so there’s plenty to check out.

Past episodes have covered technology advice for productive working, the challenges of interconnected systems, and thinking patterns. Guests are often brought on as well, so you can get their expertise too. They cover almost everything, so they’re well worth listening to.

Host Erik Fisher says he wants to help listeners live a meaningful life. There’s no doubt there’s so much you have to do, both at work and at home. With this in mind, this podcast aims to bring expert guests to the table every episode, so they can share their experiences with you. When they do this, you can pick up lots of excellent tried and tested productivity advice.

You’ll find episodes on working remotely and the challenges that brings, information overload, and fighting perfectionism in your work. There’s going to be something for everyone here, so you can start learning and improving your own productivity.

Successful time management is one of the important skills to have in life, and can pay dividends for both you and your employer. Without the watchful eye of coworkers or management, it can be all too easy to lose perspective or start subconsciously slacking at your work. This is the time for you to become your own supervisor and stay aware of your immediate workload, as prioritization is one of the most important skills to have. If you often find your attention flagging, consider using some apps that boost productivity and help manage time. Try and dedicate set hours of the day as focus periods where you aim to complete the single most important task in your workload. While being available to your colleagues is one of the important skills for a job, try not to get too sidetracked with constant communication when you could be getting work done. Many people find it helpful to work in short sprints broken up by small breaks to help maintain their attention. Ultimately, you need to find the methods that work best for your particular situation, so play around with some of these suggestions until you find an approach that clicks.

5. Adaptability

The 5AM Miracle Podcast’s catchphrase is ‘dominate your day before breakfast!’, and it’s serious about it. Host Jeff Sanders is a firm believer in getting up early to kickstart your day and be more productive than ever before, and he brings that enthusiasm to this podcast.

The show focuses on helping you develop small habits that make big changes over time. It’s easy to follow, and you’ll certainly be able to take a lot from it. It’s not hard to see why it’s the number one podcast in iTunes’ Self Help category.

While Sanders often hosts by himself, he often brings in guests to help him too. That helps you get a whole new outlook on the habits being recommended here, and you’ll be able to learn even more. Each episode, you’ll be given a list of steps to take, so you can start being your best self. If you want a podcast that offers actionable advice, this is the one to check out.

‘You’ll see that most productivity podcasts are run by men, and so give a man’s perspective’ says productivity expert Fiona Mason, from Revieweal and UKWritings. ‘The Productive Woman gives you the chance to get advice that relates to your life experience’.

Hosted by Laura McClellan, you’ll be able to productivity advice that works for you. Recent episodes focus on how to be happy, the habits she’s used that have helped her stay productive, and how to use planners to make your day to day tasks easier. This is all relatable and easy to use advice, so you can start seeing results right away.

As well as the episodes, there’s a digital toolbox full of resources you can use to be more productive. Even if you’re not a woman, you’ll get a lot from this podcast as it’s so easy to follow and use.

This podcast firmly believes that you can unlock your potential, if you have access to the right information. With this in mind, the three experienced hosts have created a podcast that gives you everything you need to become more productive. With hundreds of episodes under their belts, you’ll find advice on everything you could want here.

Recent episodes have focused on the differences in generations as they work together, how your values affect how you invest your time, and what you should be spending your money on to be more productive. There’s lots of free resources too, so make sure you check them out.

With these podcasts, you can start learning more about being productive, in an entertaining way. Check them out, as they are packed full of info that you don’t want to miss.

Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

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