7 Actionable Ways To Boost Your Employees’ Resilience Against Work Stress

7 Actionable Ways To Boost Your Employees’ Resilience Against Work Stress - Luxafor

The stress at work is sometimes really challenging and it does pose intolerable hurdles that ultimately impact the health of your employee. Being burdened under the load of work and suppressed by the continuous pressure to produce great results, has undoubtedly landed many employees, to experience the shudder of stress.

As per reports, as high as 83% of US workers are facing work-related stress issues. Further stress has proven to be one significant factor that affects health badly. Not only stress has a really bad impact on the physical and mental health of your employees, but it also hampers the growth of the company. It is due to the much-established fact that stress has an inversely proportional relationship with productivity. 

If your employee is suffering from high-stress issues, then he is sure to have low productivity at work. Therefore, not only for the personal well-being of your employees, it is crucial for you as an organization to introduce some actionable measures at work to sustain the graph of productivity.

Further to resolve the problem of stress and focus on increasing productivity, the formula of productivity needs to be inherited by your company. This productivity formula actually signifies that a healthy work environment and positive distribution of work can lead to high contentment levels among employees. Also, to let this environment develop in the organization, you need to deep-root these values in your employees’ daily official activities.

Moving further, for the accomplishment of establishing the productivity formula as a part of your routine official life, the following 7 actionable steps need to be adopted.

1. Employing the right talent

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The first and the most important step to ensure low stress at work is giving your employees the work that they wish to do. It is highly important, both for you and your employee, that the talent and interest of your employee match the requirements of the role that you have to offer. This step ensures the righteous understanding of the skills possessed by your employees and also helps them to grow appropriately in the direction of their career goal.

Further, it is when your employees get to work in the field of their choice, they experience a high level of satisfaction. Also, the amount of dedication is comparatively higher and there is always a yearning to learn more.

2. Ensuring the workload is optimum


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In addition to the work type, it is also very important to share only the doable work with your employees. An unnecessary workload has proven to be the prime reason for stress at work. Thus, it is imperative for you as an employer to not overburden your employees with extra work. Also, the level of difficulty of a task matters a lot, which should be well aligned with the work experience of the respective employees.

Moreover, there are some tasks that require assistance from other senior employees. So, it is you who need to ensure such smoothness in the work culture that your employees do not feel any hitch in approaching any senior official and seeking help on a project.

3. Using the right management tools

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Along with the accurate application of talent, its management is also very much needed for the right growth of your employees. One such tool, which helps to productively manage and plan your office tasks is the Planner. It is with the help of such powerful tools that your employees can easily administer their own tasks, without much of your interference. Also, this aids efficiently in breaking the day of your employees into resourceful hours and maximizes their output.

The absolute use of these management tools can support your workforce in managing their tasks right. In fact, when you provide and share such tools with your employees, then, they get more motivated to invest their time in learning new technologies and taking its aid in improving their productivity.

4. Sufficient time for completion

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Furthermore, the time given for completing the task can result in making or breaking the project. There are many tasks that require research work along with the compilation and presentation of the project. Whereas, others require some little introspection and a sales pitch. 

Thus, the time that you give to your employee for the completion of the project should comprehend the level of its difficulty and in-depth involvement. Moreover, it has been largely witnessed that the employees get stressed due to short deadlines and their inability to stand true to the expectations of their bosses.

So, if you yourself aim to set realistic deadlines, then it will automatically reduce the pressure on the employee’s mind. This will further help him develop more confidence towards his work as the learnings he will now learn with quality time, will help him throughout his life.

5. Proper break time

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Moving further, you as an employer need to remember that your employees are humans and they need some charge-up time. This time can just not be sufficient enough if they only get to have lunch breaks, because that’s the need for the body. To be able to work peacefully, employees need to take a break for the mind also. 

These breaks can be small evening or morning chit-chat breaks, which your different teams can take together. Also, with the practice of such a relaxing work atmosphere, there are comparatively lesser chances of your organization’s employees falling prey to the bug of stress.

6. Happy work culture

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Positive vibes in and around the office can soothingly calm the mind of the employees and help them stay happy. Also, when this happiness quotient is high, then the stress ratio is generally very low.

This balance needs to be maintained by your side only, as it is you, who needs to assure that your employees get treated well and they feel protected in the office environment. More than this, you must extend your support personally and professionally to your teammates, so that your team does not feel left alone.

7. Great incentives

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Financial security can prove to be a great motivational factor for employees to put their best at work. Also, when your employees are satisfied monetarily, they are able to give their hundred percent dedication at work.

More than this, to help your employees get relieved from stress, you as a company should give them proper holidays, dine-in coupons, paid family holiday packages once/ twice a year, timely promotions, luxurious office infrastructure, a comfortable working environment, and much more. These simple yet highly effective benefits can even increase the tenure of an employee with his company for a comparatively longer period of time.

Some final words

Employees seek attention and acknowledgment of the work done by them. Thus, if you and your organization facilitate encouragement and optimism along with great work culture and provide your employees access to the best management tools. 

Then the problem of work stress can be half solved. Moreover, being compassionate and empathetic towards your employee’s emotional needs can further solve the rest half of the problems.

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Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

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