The Key Lessons Remote Work Has Taught About Productivity

The Key Lessons Remote Work Has Taught About Productivity

Before the beginning of 2020, hardly anyone could imagine how much the global pandemic will affect and change our health, life, daily routine even the way we work. A lot of people had to learn to work remotely, for some it was a welcomed change, but for some a forced lifestyle change. But we can admit that remote work has taught us some valuable lessons and has completely erased borders, opening up opportunities to work from almost anywhere in the world. Most of society has accepted that remote work can be a great alternative beneficial to many, and hybrid work mode has become a common practice in many companies allowing more freedom, flexibility and opportunities than before. So what have the last 4 years taught us about the key remote work lessons?

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    Flexibility and Freedom

    The ability to perform work duties remotely in practice has shown that a large part of work, including meetings, that can be done effectively without being in the office. The main prerequisite is to have access to an Internet connection. The working day has become more flexible and customizable to each individual`s personal and professional requirements, and the valuable time saved by not having to travel to and from work can be used for personal needs. This freedom to plan the day and be flexible has a positive impact on employee well-being.

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    Technological Support Matters

    The practice of remote work has drawn the attention of employers to the importance of advanced and quality technology in promoting communication, collaboration and productivity. Most companies have invested in various tools and platforms such as video conferencing systems, project management programs and cloud technologies to support remote work, ensure efficiency and minimize the risks of misunderstandings in remote communication, planning and  work management.

    Promoting Independence and Discipline

    When working remotely, not your presence, but the result of the work you do is important and the way to achieve it can often be very different. It can be quite a challenge to organize your daily life remotely, on the go, dealing with work issues outside the office between various daily meetings, appointments or business trips. One of the main benefits of remote work is employee productivity and satisfaction. However, this work model requires greater independence and discipline and it has become much more advanced and competitive.

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    Work-life Balance

    Remote work has blurred the line between the professional life and private life for many, so it is very important to observe discipline. Discipline is the foundation on which flexible working hours rest. The working day needs to be “framed” so that the boundaries of the private space are not violated and the risk of burnout does not increase. As remote work becomes more popular, employers and employees themselves are increasingly looking for ways to promote well-being and balance between the two spheres.

    Better Communication Skills

    While working remotely, the opportunities for direct contact are limited, but effective and clear communication even done remotely is an essential part of everyday life, which directly affects productivity, the quality of work done and other indicators. The practice of remote work has emphasized the need for clear and precise communication, as well as the importance of proper use of various communication channels for more effective information transfer.

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    Mutual Trust Without Micromanaging

    Thanks to remote work, many managers have abandoned traditional monitoring methods and have learned to trust their employees’ ability to plan their own day, prioritizing their to-do list. Confidence in the skills of your employees and encouraging them to make important decisions on their own is very important in order to achieve the set goals and results in the same time boost their motivation.

    Inclusion and Accessibility

    Remote working has made organizations more inclusive, for example for people with mobility impairments and disabilities, as well as those living in more remote areas. Remote work also opens up opportunities to recruit talented and knowledgeable specialists from other countries.

    Remote work offers a variety of benefits for employees and employers alike.  One often overlooked benefit is the positive impact remote work can have on inclusion and accessibility in the workplace for people that really need it.

    Employee Well-being

    Combating isolation and maintaining employee well-being in a remote setting will be critical. Companies need to create strategies to foster employee engagement, promote healthy work-life balance, and provide opportunities for virtual team building, learning, seminars and virtual employee support programs for example, for people who may need some assistance or need to level up their skills or just need some advice.

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    Productivity and Results

    Although the quality of work done remotely has been a source of discussion initially, but this work model has proved that productivity can be maintained at the same level or even improved if there is a well-designed support system. To enhance the productivity for remote workers companies have to develop efficient and quick ways to help the employees reach better results, overcome challenges remotely and motivate them.

    Future Work Model

    The traditional work model of going to the office every day is no longer relevant for many companies. Instead, many organizations have adopted a hybrid work model that combines remote and office work to take advantage of both approaches. Remote work options are unlikely to lose their relevance in the near future, as they offer more flexibility and opportunities not only for employees, but also for the company as a whole, for example, saving electricity, office space rent and reducing other costs, etc.

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    To Sum Up

    The lessons and benefits that remote work has brought us are plenty and for each person or company they may differ. Firstly, technology capabilities and cloud services allow you to work equally productively both in and out of the office which promotes flexibility and choice of suitable work arrangements. Second, the ability to work flexibly promotes employee satisfaction, productivity and work-life balance, which is especially important for families with children. Thirdly, remote work settings promote other forms of (virtual) communication and the generation of new ideas.

    The pandemic forced a global experiment in remote work for all of us, and businesses are still learning from these valuable lessons and experience. The future of work is likely to be characterized by flexibility and a focus on results over physical presence. While remote work isn’t suitable for every role, it offers significant advantages for both employers and employees.

    By embracing remote work models and adapting to technological advancements and improving the remote work experience, businesses can create a more inclusive, efficient, and future-proof work environment for everyone involved. When we learn from these lessons and find our place in the ever-changing work landscape, together we can create a thriving remote work environment that fosters productivity, inclusion, and a successful future.


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    Remote work, also known as telecommuting or telework, is a work arrangement where employees complete their assigned tasks from a location outside of a traditional office setting. This location can be:

    • Their home
    • A co-working space
    • A coffee shop
    • Literally anywhere with a good internet connection!

    Remote work allows for flexibility and and and and can be contrasted with the traditional work model where employees commute to a central office each day.

    • Flexibility: Remote work allows employees to craft a schedule that works for them, boosting focus and well-being.
    • Work-life balance: Less commuting translates to more time for personal life and reduces stress.
    • Cost savings: Employees save money on commuting expenses like gas, car maintenance, and professional attire.
    • Location independence: Remote work allows people to live wherever they choose, near family, in a more affordable location, or simply somewhere they enjoy.
    • Increased productivity: Studies have shown that remote workers can be more productive due to fewer distractions and a comfortable work environment.
    • Reduced overhead costs: Companies save money on office space, utilities, and office supplies.
    • Wider talent pool: Remote work allows employers to recruit top talent regardless of location.
    • Improved employee satisfaction: The flexibility and work-life balance of remote work can lead to happier and more engaged employees.
    • Increased productivity: Similar to employees, employers can benefit from a boost in productivity with a remote workforce.
    • Positive environmental impact: Remote work reduces commuting emissions, contributing to a greener workplace.
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