How to Set Achievable Goals and Reach Them Every Time?

How to Set Achievable Goals and Reach Them Every Time? Luxafor

To achieve success in life and career, it is essential to set certain goals for yourself. Goals are our well-defined plans to get us to the result we want. Setting goals is closely related to time management and planning. Goals help you solve problems effectively, making life more productive. Everyone may have personal life goals, academic goals, career and work-related goals. There are so many important benefits and aspects on why setting goals matter, here are just some of them:

  • Goals make us think about what we want in life and work.
  • Goals are important as they lead us closer our values and dreams.
  • Goals helpus take steps to move toward achieving our objectives.
  • Goals encourage us to take practical
  • Goalsetting is an essential part of time management.
  • Goals help us thinkmore clearly.
  • Goals help us get motivated and inspire us.
  • Goals create a positive state of mind.
  • Goals make us feel good about ourselves and stay productive.

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Types of goals

Goals can be categorized based on the time required to achieve them. Short-term goals range from the current moment to one month. Medium-term goals are anything from more than one month to a year, and a long-term goal is a goal that takes a bit longer – over a year usually. When you create a strategy for yourself, you can see the progression of these goals and that can be achieved, it makes them seem more exciting and achievable, motivating to take real action.

Long-term goals are usually the big life goals that you want to achieve. They include educational and career goals, as well as personal and social goals that you expect to achieve in the longer term.

Short-term goals are more specific tasks that need to be done now or in the near future. These are the goals we want to achieve as soon as possible.

There are four stages in setting each goal: setting a specific goal, setting a deadline, dividing individual work stages, and providing internal or external recognition or validation for the work done. Usually, long-term goals are the result of compounding short-term goals as they lead us to the bigger goals in the process.

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How to set your goals?

Sometimes the reason for failure to achieve a goal is the wrong definition of the goal or the desire to achieve everything at once. Often, when setting goals, there are risks that can affect their progress and realization. Therefore, in order to achieve them, they must first be formulated correctly. The objective should be:

Specific: The more specific the goal you set, the easier it will be to achieve it. You need to be clear about what exactly you want to achieve (higher income, more outdoor activities, get a new car etc.)

Measurable: There must be certain criteria for measuring the process of achieving the goal, so that you can determine whether you have achieved it. For example, if you want to improve your knowledge of certain subject, the evaluation of your manage, coworker, lecturer will help you understand whether you have succeeded in achieving the desired goal.

Achievable: In order for the goal not to remain just an unfulfilled dream, it must be challenging, but at the same time achievable. If you want to improve your skills, start gradually – step by step, instead of setting the goal of getting the highest results at first.

Time-bound: Setting a deadline for achieving the goal will give additional motivation and help you more easily keep your attention on the achievable result. The deadline must be a specific date or time period. For example, if you have to write a report and you want to do it right, set yourself a deadline and start working on the goal on time.

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7 Steps to achieve your goals

In this blog, we offer you some rules with a strategic approach and practical steps that will probably give you  an answer to the question why one goal and exactly then got achieved, but some other did not. In any case, one thing is quite clear – something is possible only if we know what we want. It is true also in personal finance, career growth and professional development, so turn your dreams into concrete, achievable goals, and to increase the probability of their achievement, you have to follow some rules:

1. Own your goals

The probability of achieving a goal is higher if it is personally meaningful. If you have set a financial goal for yourself, and not for the wishes of others, then the motivation to achieve it will be much greater. Understand why the particular goal is significant to you and remind yourself of this whenever your willpower starts to wane. You need to know exactly what you want to achieve and why you need to reach this goal.

2. Write down your goals

Writing goals means telling yourself: it will happen, when you write your goal you make it real. By putting your wishes and dreams on paper, you will also be able to objectively assess whether they are achievable and are realistic for you. Also, this exercise will help you turn your dreams into specific and measurable sub-goals. In addition, it has been proven that those who define their goals in written form achieve more than those who do not. It can help to write your five most important goals on a sticky note and pin it to the bathroom mirror.

3. Believe that you can achieve the goal

When we believe that we can do something, our behavior is quite different than when we don’t believe in it. Faith helps you make the right decisions and move forward. At the subconscious level, defining goals and believing have a great power that gives extra energy. Focus on the goal and fulfill your commitment. If you want to achieve something, believe in yourself and listen to yourself.

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4. Follow the execution

The biggest mistake is to believe that achieving goals ends the moment they are formulated. You will have to return to your goals again and again. If you have not managed to access the goal the usual way – through the door, look for an opportunity to climb in through the window. Think outside the box and remember that persistence is the key for any progress.

5. Celebrate small victories

Perhaps you will not achieve all your goals at once, perhaps you will fulfill only a few dreams. However, look at it from the other side – you have implemented something very important to you. Many people lose drive when they have not managed to realize everything they planned at once. But you must understand that you have to stay committed and appreciate the steps that lead you further. So be happy for your small victories – and the big ones won’t be too far away either!

6. Do not give up when facing difficulties

Even if sometimes everything doesn’t work out as planned, don’t give up! Review your goal and, if necessary, make adjustments or divide it into smaller goals. Complex things can be simplified, you just need to find the most convenient way to do it and with what resources or tools. This will help you understand where you made a mistake and make corrections on your next attempt, thus you will be able to improve your result using your knowledge and skills.

7. Track your progress

It will be easier to reach your goal if you keep track of your progress and results. This will allow you to understand and determine how what you do helps you get closer or further away from achieving your goal. Create a habit of tracking progress, saving ideas and taking notes of them. The human brain is not able to store all the acquired information, so it is useful to use digital assistants and smart gadgets to realize your goals.

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Productivity gadgets can also promote personal wellness, which directly impacts your productivity. Wearable fitness trackers, ergonomic workstations, and mindfulness apps can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being, leading to enhanced productivity and job satisfaction.

Smart watches have already become very popular not only among athletes, but also among those who like active lifestyle and technology. They fully replace classic watches and keep track of important parameters: steps, calories, heart rate, sleep quality, stress level, etc. Notifications of incoming calls or e-mails, music, workouts – these are just some of the functions of smart watches.

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The only thing standing between you and your set goal is yourself. Before you can decide how to reach a goal, you must first define it and it may not be that easy. The closer the goal is to your true desires, the more it will inspire you, and the path to reach it will seem faster and easier. Of course, not all goals are inspiring and easy to reach, in such a situation, it is important to always evaluate the benefits that will arise when this goal is achieved.

Remember that there is no single right way to achieve a goal. So always, when setting a goal, choose several strategies to achieve it and if you can’t enter through the door, then maybe you can climb through the window? Carving out multiple strategies allows you to be more creative and react more easily to unforeseen circumstances and complications.

This approach is necessary in order to not waste time resources unnecessarily, which may not be so important for general long-term goals, but are very important for goals that need to be achieved quickly or for small goals that are like a chain link on the way to the main goal. May the determination and purposefulness you have last throughout the year – this year and also in  the new year!



Get your Achievable Goalds Infographics PDF now!

Get your Achievable Goalds Infographics PDF now!

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