How to Stay Productive over the Summer

Staying focused in the summer can be a challenge. The weather is warm, and the last thing you want to do is be stuck in a boring old office when vacation time is just around the corner. When everyone around you is spending the day on the beach or traveling the world, it should come as no surprise that productivity takes an average 20% dip during the summer months. 

But all’s not lost! Here are some tips on how to stay productive and focused during the summer. 

1. Adjust your environment

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Being stuck in the same office can make every day seem like a drag, so switch it up! Working outside is a great way to enjoy the warmer weather yet still remain productive. Or try working from a cafe or library! 

A change in scenery is a great way to keep things interesting. Not able to get out of the office? Try reorganizing your desk/office space in a way that helps you stay motivated and focused.  

Tip: office temperature is important! A study conducted by the Helsinki University of Technology and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that the productivity sweet spot is around 70-72 degrees.

2. Be Proactive

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Work might begin to slow down during the summer and that can make it easy for you to start slacking off as well. Be proactive! Get a head start on other upcoming projects! You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

3. Remove distractions

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Seeing your friends’ and family’s vacation pictures on social media can become a huge productivity killer. Stay focused with apps that block social media/other distractions while at work and keep your head in the game!

4. Get some sleep

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It’s no secret that getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep a night does wonder for your focus. And according to the National Sleep Foundation’s guidelines, you can get away with about 6-10 but no more or less! 

There’s nothing worse than coming down off a caffeine high after a bad night’s sleep. So make sure you get enough sleep the night before to avoid constant trips to the break room to guzzle more coffee!

Tip: Knowing the sleep requirements for every age enables you to take proactive steps to improving your overall well-being. Check how many hours of sleep you really need in this Nestmaven article

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If your job involves sitting at a desk all day, slumps can happen, and it can feel like your laziness is taking over. It’s easy to get antsy while being stuck in the office so why not try working out before work! This can help your body overcome its laziness then the mind will follow suit.

It’s been proven that exercising helps increase the blood flow to the brain which helps sharpen your alertness, increase your energy and decrease stress. Be sure to isolate a physical activity that you actually enjoy, it will help you stay motivated and excited about it. But when working out in the summer heat, make sure you are staying hydrated and don’t overexert yourself!

6. Review and revise your goals

The summer marks the halfway point of the year, making this a great time to gauge how you’re doing so far. Review what you’re doing right and what you need to do more of and improve on. Consider this a fresh start and a chance to set your new goals for the second half of the year!

7. Take a break

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There’s no sense in working yourself to the bone if you don’t get to at least enjoy part of the summer. Make sure you schedule breaks to give your brain a chance to recuperate, and then make the most of your time off!

8. Set goals

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Setting attainable goals is the easiest way to stay focused and motivated. When you sit down at the beginning of the week map set some goals you want to accomplish and work your butt off until they are all completed. Nothing feels better than looking at a completed to-do list!


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If you have the opportunity to pick your schedule/hours then front load your week. Get the tough, long days out of the way first so by the time the weekend rolls around you are ready! Keep your hours flexible but still, make sure you have enough time to get all your work done!

10. Dress the part

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The summer heat can make you want to dress more casually. It’s okay to make your outfits more summery but make sure to keep them on par with your typical work attire. Dressing the part will help you play the part! 

Summer laziness is something that affects us all at some point and the solution isn’t to beat yourself up, but rather to focus on improving and moving forward! At the end of the day make sure you reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in but don’t get too down on yourself if you do slow down a tad; we’re only human after all.

Summer is for enjoying yourself but you’ll be better for it if you work hard and stay focused!

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