Inspiration over jealousy. Avoiding the Downspiral Mentality.

Inspiration over jealousy. Avoiding the Downspiral Mentality - Luxafor

If you are wondering why other people achieve something or they are successful – you need to understand that it is a down spiral mentality, occupation, and practice. As – who actually cares? You can say that it is not cool, but the thing is that it’s a reality and you spend time thinking about other people’s success, productiveness or even hating on it. It’s not doing any good for you. Let us explain what is meant by that:

There is an ancient saying – Jealousy is a poison that does the opposite of its intended. It doesn’t affect the other person at all, but it poisons you and wastes your energy and time.

This down spiral mentality is so indicative of insecurity. People don’t realize what a giveaway that is. If you are talking bad about someone – it’s just showing that the person doesn’t like itself.


The mind has limited bandwidth

You have to understand that your mind has a certain amount of bandwidth. That’s the reason really successful, effective people try avoiding reading Instagram, Youtube, or every other social media comments, in case they are famous – is simple:

– They don’t have time for it! It’s better to dedicate this time you waste reading something not good – to something more valuable. So must do you in case you have haters or if you start becoming one. Surely, at times happens that those well-known, successful people read those types of comments on accident, but they still try not to seek them out. Remember – you have the bandwidth, don’t spend time wondering why you hate things, or hating things, or hating someone, or being jealous of one. Take an example:

Just imagine – you have a hundred units of bandwidth in your mind, which means, those one hundred units you have you can spend on things you care, actually care about. Or, you could get your mind occupied – why some provocateurs on Twitter are talking negatively about you – which takes, for instance, 30 units of 100 you have. What does it give you? 70 units left for the things you love.

Another example to mention would be if you are involved in a relationship with someone who’s really different in a bad way from you and you are arguing back and forth with them, which takes another 30% of the units you have. What’s left? 40%, 40 units – for the things you LOVE. Just imagine – forty percent instead of one hundred that you were having in the beginning. And it’s due to concentration on things that are irrelevant. Instead of having these units focused on stuff you care about, something that means something to you, what you enjoy.


But there is an opportunity to learn how to overcome that, learn how to do it. For instance – meditation. With meditation, you are learning how to avoid little road bumps on the side of the road, distractions, and interruptions – that could suck bandwidth out of you. While you could just give them a little bit and that’s it.

Shall we take another example? When a person stops drinking alcohol, at times they get to the point that – due to that stoppage – their career takes off! They start doing well all of the sudden. But this mystery – how did that happen? Is easily solved – you have more bandwidth due to that! Fewer problems! As for those issues, this person had been rooting them away, and now they no longer exist. It freed up their time and all of a sudden they realize – “Oh myyy… there are so many things to do or to talk about and I have so much energy and I’m so healthy because of that! I can just go onstage and have fun finally!” And you are killing it!

Meditation and productivity - Luxafor
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Changing something is a gradual process

Nonetheless, you need to understand if you struggle with things mentioned earlier – that if you want to change those – it’ll be a gradual process. At times we all can get ourselves on a thought that no matter the sphere we are in – there are people outperforming us and doing better than us and we start getting jealous. How to overcome this? Become successful ourselves, develop? You need to understand that with jealousy – it’s impossible to become the TOP. As an amateur, we often may say – “How come is someone killing it, doing so well? No way! It’s injustice! How come he got this, how come he got that?” And here must come the awareness – that it’s a gigantic waste of time!

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You have started doing your thing due to your passion

Understand that you’ve started doing your thing due to your love for this sphere! Being a fan of your activity! And this focus on people that are doing better – why they are doing better??? Or being a provocateur – do you zero good. Instead – try to be inspired if someone does well! And be fired up by it! A down spiral mentality is a poor way of looking at things.

For one more example, we shall take martial arts.

– You can’t be jealous there of someone else’s ability! – You have to realize that you might have to fight, and face them someday! With this understanding that someone is better than you are – you are forced to be objective about it, concentrate and you have to go to work! Like – “Gosh… This person is way better than me – I have to get better!” And you have to go and do what it takes!

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Don't underestimate someone

One more thing, there is no positive benefit in underestimating anyone, underestimation will do you the worst it can possibly do. Convincing yourself that due to your jealousy – another person is not that good – will get you to the point of a downward spiral. Be motivated by those who are better than you and learn from them! You need to get to that level as well and – it’s possible!

And the most awesome thing about it is that it’s powerful for you – it’s powerful for them – for everybody! There is no negative aspect to it! You must be thankful that there are people out there that make you feel uncomfortable with their achievements. When you see someone killing it, in what they do – encourage yourself to go, be productive, and effective, and work maybe twice or harder than you did or then this person did!

See it as – these people are showing you that it’s possible to do better than you are doing! And it’s outstanding!


To conclude

Not only be inspired but – invest in yourself, in your creation. It takes 21 days for something that does well for you to become a habit – it’s 3 weeks. In the first week, you are going to hate the thing you do, if it stands out of your comfort zone. 2nd week you are going to dislike what is done, and on 3rd week you will understand – “Okay, it’s not bad at all and it gives me something positive.” And from that, you are going to gain inner motivation to keep on going, which will lead you to efficiency. Start your way to good habits now! There are suggestions in case you are wondering, what other good habits it is possible to implement in your life – suggestions. We believe in you!


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Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

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