Studies reveal that energy and self-control are directly related to your productivity

Based on studies conducted by the University of Nottingham regarding energy and self-control, Dr. Travis Bradberry has written a very useful and informative article in The Huffington Post that explains how these components interact with each other and how to keep them in balance. Read the summary below:

  1. Drink lemon water first thing in the morning. Lemons will give you immediate energy that lasts all day.
  2. Continue with exercise. According to researchers from the University of Bristol, it will boost and maintain your energy and self-control for the whole day, which are crucial factors to accomplish your tasks.
  3. Don’t use electronics till breakfast as you’ll fail to maintain focus. Instead, use this time for short exercises, thinking, or looking out the window.
  4. Eat a healthy breakfast to boost your productivity. You’ll have long-lasting energy, better short-memory, the ability to concentrate, and a good mood.
  5. Next, create a schedule and write your goals of the day. It’ll boost your confidence and your belief in controlling things.
  6. Clean your work desk as it’ll help you focus better.
  7. Prioritize – perform the tasks that need more concentration and energy in the morning (and email doesn’t count).
  8. Look at your progress towards reaching your day’s goals and adjust your tasks or manner of working.
  9. Attend meetings but don’t stay longer than necessary and keep them on schedule.
  10. Focus on one task at a time and don’t multitask. Even if you have a lot to do, you won’t be able to concentrate on everything, and your efficiency will drop rapidly. “Multitasking reduces your efficiency and performance because your brain can only focus adequately on one thing at a time,” says Dr. Travis Bradberry, in The Huffington Post.
  11. Get comfortable saying no! According to research conducted at the University of California in San Francisco, saying ‘’no’’ will reduce your stress level, burnout, and depression. Instead it’ll contribute to effective performance of your own tasks.

Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

The original post “11 Tweaks to Your Morning Routine Will Make Your Entire Day More Productive” was published on The Huffington Post, January 17,2016 (written by Dr. Travis Bradberry)

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