The Gains and Benefits of Online Scheduling

The Gains and Benefits of Online Scheduling - Luxafor

Scheduling – just reading the word can inspire headaches. For a long time, organizing timetables had to be done manually, which can be time consuming, tedious, and not to mention leaves room for errors. Once learning about scheduling software, most businesses make the switch to the automated tool and never look back.

Here are some reasons why this might be the best step for your business to take in order to succeed. Such software can benefit your business in many different ways, the main ones being an increased efficiency, employee motivation/participation and the elimination of manual/human errors. 


For increased efficiency, automating typically is the way to go with just about anything. Typically your Human Resources representative is in charge of creating, distributing and editing the work schedules of all the employees of the company. This can be an incredibly tedious and time consuming task, since the bigger the company and more employees there are, the more variables and moving parts there are. 

Trying to accommodate everyone in the office can be an absolute nightmare. Things come up, plans change, and more often than not there are specific requirements that the HR rep must take into consideration. The HR rep has the daunting task to keep everyone at bay. And then two weeks later (or sometimes sooner depending on your specific work cycle), the process starts all over again. 

If the saying Time is Money has any value, then tackling this task every cycle requires a large time investment, which in turn requires a financial investment. By removing the big time consuming process that is managing schedules, you and your business are essentially putting more money back into your pockets. 

Scheduling software eliminates the worry of having to plan everything by hand, thus freeing up manpower for more useful tasks. If the system is automated then essentially it just needs a quick once over and a stamp of approval at the end and it’s off to the races. 

The time and energy that would be used to organize shifts and appointments can now be put towards something else, which can help move your business forward. 

Employee Access

Scheduling software opens the door of communication between the organizers and their workers. The automated system gives your employees more access to their schedules which can make them more productive and feel more comfortable getting involved. This is as opposed to the previous tactic of regular pen and paper, or Excel. 

Bringing the planning online facilitates shift switching, and gives a certain amount of flexibility which helps aid in employee motivation. The feeling of being in control of your own timetable is appealing and can increase productivity among your workers. There is an increased amount of accessibility, which can benefit the business. 

As long as you have an internet connection the software can be accessed at anytime from anywhere in the world on smartphones, laptops, etc. Certain software can send out shift reminders to your employees to make sure that shifts are not forgotten or misread and there is less overall confusion. Also the automated system can send appointment reminders to clients, to ensure smooth sailing and less miscommunication errors. 

One example of a successful scheduling software is Humanity. Not only does it automate scheduling, by giving all the benefits that were mentioned previously, but they have taken it a few steps further by adding features such as time and attendance monitoring and automated pay rolling. Being able to monitor how effective and efficient your employees are is an incredible tool that can help motivate your workers in a more subtle way. 

The attendance monitoring helps easily manages vacation days, holidays and any other time off that workers might take, and keeps it all in a central, easily accessible location. There is also automated pay-rolling through the software which aids in avowing underpaying or overpaying the employees. This quickens the process and eliminates the risk of manual errors.  

Making mistakes is inevitable, this technology just helps eliminate more of the risks that come along with that. There are so many unnecessary costs that are related to human error that, when you’re just starting out, can make a big difference not only in the profits you make but also in the motivation your employees have, as well as the relationships you maintain with your clients. 

Try implementing automated scheduling software into your business and see for yourself how much easier things become and soon enough you won’t even be able to understand how you got by without it before.

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Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

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