Different Tools You Can Use to Increase Work Productivity

Different Tools You Can Use to Increase Work Productivity

Do you own or work in a business that seems to be stalling and even declining where productivity is concerned? Are you anxious to turn things around, get back on track and start meeting goals and milestones?

Productivity is always a hot topic among business owners as it’s a top concern. Boosting productivity can lead to cost-savings, enhanced customer service, a higher volume of sales and more. If all of this sounds ideal and you don’t know where or how to turn things around, here are some tools you can use to boost work productivity.

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Online Project Planning Software and Apps are Invaluable

If you were to ask for just one tool worth investing in to increase productivity, project planning software or apps would be at the top of the list. They can be useful to businesses across a wide array of industries, no matter the size of the company. With many companies still relying on at least a partial remote or hybrid workforce, the need to stay in contact with one another has become more important.

Project planning software gives you a way to set up specific projects, goals and targets which can be edited in real-time and are visible to all that you’ve permitted. Each app or software has its pros and cons, with many offering tools that allow you to customize how the product is used and set up. Use these tools to create progress boards, timelines, project portfolios, calendars, assign tasks, track tasks, share files and so much more.

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Use a Recruitment Agency to Find Top Talent

Sometimes, motivating employees and providing them with the right tools and equipment still isn’t enough. The problem could be a lack of talent in the company. Hiring the right person for the job means you look for someone who has skills, experience and knowledge to bring to the table. That’s not always easy to find, and it can be incredibly time and resource consuming. This is exactly why it can make sense to use a recruitment agency.

“Focus and specialism are ever-increasingly expected and demanded by clients, which is why at the VacancyCentre recruitment agency in Malta, we centralise our recruiting efforts,” said Daniel from VC Employment Agency in a recent interview at the Tech Summit. VC helps clients hire talent in the specialised areas of finance, compliance, technology and operations.

Update the Hardware in the Workplace

An employee can only be as productive as their hardware, and in some cases, if they are working on old computers, it will hold them back. It’s wise to set up a replacement schedule in the company where all hardware is replaced by a particular deadline. This ensures there is a constant cycling of replacement and hardware never gets to the point of being obsolete.

If you plan on replacing hardware such as hard drives, monitors, laptops and printers regularly, you may want to consider leasing the equipment rather than purchasing it.

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Eliminate the Distractions Employees Have While Working

Here’s a tool that can prove to be essential for employees that suffer from constant distractions at their desks while working. When an employee is working and others approach them to start a conversation, ask questions, and interrupt their thought process, their productivity takes a hit. Luxafor has a unique Orb which uses a wide-angle USB LED indicator light that can be affixed to their laptop or computer monitor. The employee can choose between a green or red light, showing others that they are busy or available to talk.

Luxafor Flag busy light

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Eliminate distractions;
Achieve deep work by controlling your workflow;
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Changing Passwords Often Can Lead to Downtime

Here’s something you may not have thought about, but it could also be contributing to lost productivity. Because cybercrime is so rampant nowadays and hackers always seem to be lurking, companies are having to be more careful than ever. This usually involves a variety of tools and steps to ensure sensitive data is kept secure.

One thing experts suggest is to create strong passwords that are changed regularly. You want to make the passwords difficult for hackers to crack. The problem is once you start changing your passwords regularly, and if you have multiple passwords at work, it can be very difficult to keep them all straight. How much time have you spent trying to remember an important password, only to have to go through the steps of resetting it?

A great time-saver is a password-storing app where you can store all the important passwords. Instead of remembering a list of ever-changing passwords, you only need to remember the password for the app or software. If you find an app you like, you can suggest employees do the same. Think of it as the password master list.

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Tracking Time Couldn't Be Easier

Some companies require time tracking, which can be quite wasteful when it comes to wasting time. Why not use a tool that tracks time, generates helpful reports, and even gives a way to break down projects and tasks all in real time? Tools such as Time Doctor tick off all these boxes and more and can be a manager’s most-used software.

When choosing between these time tracking software options, look for details such as the cost, the customization options, ease of use, real-time capability, and what sort of reports/summaries it can generate.

Taking Action Can Lead to Fabulous Results

Feeling discouraged and frustrated by a lack of productivity in the workplace is a common complaint, but it shouldn’t mean you choose to sit back and hope it improves. Taking action and using tools such as the ones discussed above can lead to fabulous results in a relatively short time.

The path to enhanced productivity is paved with a combination of modern tools, strategic hires, and forward-thinking practices. From leveraging sophisticated project planning apps to engaging in proactive hardware management, businesses today have a plethora of tools at their disposal. Equally crucial is the recognition of human capital — hiring the right talent and ensuring they work in an environment free from avoidable distractions.

Addressing potential productivity pitfalls, like the frequent changing of passwords, with innovative solutions like password-storing apps, further underscores the need for adaptive strategies in a modern workspace. It’s imperative for businesses to understand that the tools are just the beginning; their effective implementation and adaptation according to specific needs are what truly drive productivity. By proactively addressing productivity challenges, businesses not only ensure streamlined operations but also foster a culture of continuous improvement and growth.



Willing to create and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of Eisenhower Matrix now!

Willing to create and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of Eisenhower Matrix now!

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