5 Ways To Boost Your Productivity While Being Busy

5 Ways To Boost Your Productivity While Being Busy - Luxafor

The Coronavirus outbreak has reshaped every sector in society, with many parts switching to methods that prioritize human health while still being highly effective. More people now work from their homes, with huge corporations encouraging this practice. This online schedule comes with multiple perks other than curbing the spread of the virus; employers have more flexibility and convenience via this approach.

Working from home is excellent, but it also has a downside. It can be more challenging for you to maximize your time this way.  There’s a high chance of getting distracted here, especially when other family members are also working from home. They would have to share resources such as the computer in such scenarios, limiting their time with these gadgets even more. But not to worry, the following sections reveal five ways you can increase productivity while working from home. 

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Avoid Procrastination and Create a Schedule

Setting projects aside for a later period can quickly become a bad habit. Many people fall prey to procrastination. While working from home, there’s a higher chance of indulging in this practice. One of the perks of online or remote working is its allure of flexibility; you get to complete your tasks at your desired pace. But this scheduling flexibility can be a drawback without adequate commitment on your part. It’s easy to slip into the habit of procrastination, leaving your tasks to pile up until they become overwhelming. 

At home, you can get distracted by family members, your mobile devices, games, and more. The productivity hacks to aid you in such situations are building up your discipline, creating a schedule, and dedicating yourself to adhering to it. Hit the ground running, map out your workload with apps, and set realistic time frames for achieving them. Also, consider breaking down challenging tasks into smaller units and creating rewards for yourself on reaching milestones. 

Keeping procrastination in check is essential to increase your output or effectively. Also, when preparing a schedule, remember to keep it flexible, leaving provisions for emergencies. This way, unexpected scenarios don’t derail your plans, and you always finish your projects without stress.

Optimize Your Schedule

Which period of the day are you most inventive? You can’t give 100% every time, but there are moments that you can, and you will need to identify them. Do you find yourself staying focused and refreshed in the morning, or is it midday? For many others, these peak output periods could be in the evening or even late at night.

After you identify when you are most productive, schedule your day to fit challenging tasks during this period. You’ll find that you have ample energy to take them on while remaining focused and creative through to its completion.

Pick or Create a Productive Environment

Where you try to work counts. It’s challenging to maintain your output in a distracting or noisy atmosphere. Such an environment hampers your working productivity. 

For many individuals, before the pandemic, visiting the nearby coffee shop was always on the cards when looking to take on a project. This way, they wouldn’t have to deal with potentially distracting elements. You don’t have to leave your home to achieve the effect as you can create such a conducive environment at home. Here’s how.

Avoid the Bedroom

Yes, it’s best to avoid working in the bedroom or any area you sleep in if you can. But if such an approach isn’t possible, then rule out attempts to do so in bed. Instead, consider tackling projects on a reading table and in a chair with great lumbar support. For workers at home, the living room can also serve for having your work time if it meets the following conditions. 

Clear Out Distractions

The critical element here is that it’s void of possible avenues for distractions such as a view of the TV, laptops, and more. You can go on a full digital detox and add your smartphone to this list. Social media and gaming apps can be addictive and distracting, leading to low productivity and procrastination. Consider keeping your smartphone away from you, so you can’t easily reach for it, and mute notifications from social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more.

Have Excellent Lighting

Start by having a good lighting system in this area. Such a setup helps brighten the room and your mood, while also ensuring you don’t have to squint your eyes while working. It’s helpful to avoid subjecting your eyes to direct sunlight as this practice can damage your sight in the long run.

If you are using an electronic device such as a computer or a smartphone, it’s best to avoid turning on the brightness to its max, especially at night. You can use an eye care app to shield your eyes during screen time. You’ll also need to rest after prolonged use of these gadgets; it’s helpful that you take a break; about a few minutes off is appropriate. Developers understand the need to avoid too much screen time, which is why many apps have timers that notify you when you should give those eyes a rest. 

Get Ample Rest and De-stress

There’s a popular misconception that working lengthy hours non-stop always translates into getting more tasks completed. In actuality, these extended times without rest only hamper your output. And trying to emulate such work habits will lead to burnout and have you spending additional time on a project. 

When feeling stressed out, consider indulging yourself in your favorite de-stressing habit to help keep things in check. You can watch a movie, go for a swim, or order a meal from your favorite restaurant. If you experience severe burnout, consider taking a weekend off to recover. It’s helpful to de-stress or reward yourself, especially after completing a set milestone. Such activities help replenish your strength and keep you motivated to take on more projects. 

A healthy mind and body make for an inventive individual. You can give yourself a leg-up by living a healthy lifestyle. Yes, that means avoiding late nights and getting the recommended amounts of sleep; seven hours. Take a time out with 30 minutes naps when you feel tired or indulge in light exercises to retain mental sharpness.

Get Assistance

If you’re working from home and feeling overwhelmed with the workload, you should consider getting help from others. Taking on too much work can put you at risk of fatigue and poor mental health. Such a situation could lead to reduced output. 

For many working individuals, delegating tasks among colleagues or co-workers can help improve productivity. Multiple applications can aid with simplifying workflow and hence increasing output among remote workers. You can easily change or monitor the status of tasks, and get notifications upon any milestone completion.

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Final Thoughts

It can be challenging navigating the world of remote or online working, especially when you are new to it. Many individuals have trouble with managing fatigue, procrastination, and more during this period. They end up getting behind on their projects and needing additional days or even weeks to complete them. You can still maintain high output even when working from home. Consider emulating the discussed productivity tips to help you achieve this feat.


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Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

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