11 Best Productivity Planners 2020 for Building Healthy Habits and Improving Focus at Work: The Ultimate Guide

How many habits have you started this year? And how many of them were  you able to keep up with? You may have heard the quote by Aristotle – “We are what we repeatedly do” – but more than often it is the methodology we lack in order to maintain habits, keep track of our goals, and achieve our dreams. 

Despite all the digital productivity tools available at our fingertips, setting goals, to-do lists, and tracking progress on paper is still a big thing. Did you know that there are actually science-backed benefits of owning a paper planner? And with the right kind of productivity planner, journaling will already be one habit you’re committed to.

Your planner should be with you all the time, so it’s best to choose the one that fits your needs and personality like a glove.

Here’s our ultimate list of 11 best productivity planners that we believe will help you be more productive at work, become healthy, organized, focused and goal-oriented.

1. For those who need a clear and actionable path

If you’re looking for a clear and actionable plan to turn your dreams into achievable goals, then Office Hero is the choice for you. This sleek undated planner has just the right mix of inspiring motivation and strategic approach to help you tick off your daily, weekly and monthly to-do’s to pursue your dreams of the bigger picture. 

It’s the best of both worlds for those who love data, clear methodology, and a goal-oriented approach, as well as for those who find solace in jotting things down and reflecting on what has been done.

Office Hero is like your daily journal and your personal coach combined – it encourages you to be honest with yourself and helps to snap out of unrealistic expectations in order to take reasonable action. The layout is perfect for developing small-scale and large-scale action plans, focusing on healthy and productive habits, and writing down actual steps you can take to make your reality more like your dreams. 

It’s easy to write down the things you have to do, but Office Hero pushes you to admit what are the obstacles that keep you from getting what you want. It also has a simple review system to assess your daily performance from 1 to 10 in different areas of life together with a statement of gratitude so that a positive outlook on life also becomes your habit.

2. For those who need visual stimulation

If you’re more of a visual person and need to bring in a splash of color into your daily routine, the Living Well Planner might be right for you. It helps you set your finance, wellness and any other goals for different periods of time, and plan out their execution with colorful labels and stickers. 

The bright and cheerful pages are very inspiring to remind yourself of what’s really important in the long run while helping you juggle with your daily responsibilities effectively. The adorable planner also encourages reflecting upon your progress in a visually stimulating way.

3. For those who think less is more

However, if you’re more of a minimalist type of person, then you’re going to appreciate the simplicity of Minimalist Day Planner by Action Publishing. It’s perfect for those who seek less visual distraction and need more space for writing in their agendas. 

If you often find yourself writing over the lines of a date in your journal, then either the dated or the undated versions of Minimalist Day Planner can become your go-to tool in organizing your schedule and taking notes while you’re at it. The planner will also help you outline your daily, weekly and monthly action plans to reach your goals.

4. For those who have their own way of organizing

If you’re more of an independent thinker and you find hard following set structures, SELF Journal will be great for you, offering freedom to structurize your plans the way you want, organize priorities and simplify large goals into day-to-day accomplishments.

The planner is perfect for those who are eager to live a more productive life without the need to commit to their planners 100% – the planner isn’t dated so if you miss a day, you can just pick up where you left off. The 30-minute scheduling technique also comes in handy to maximize productivity. 

5. For those who love personalization

If you’re a bit of a control-freak and aesthetically pleasing things do inspire you, then The Erin Condren Lifeplanner will be a wonderful tool for organizing your schedule. The planner comes in many beautiful covers to choose from, and you choose if you want to have your weekly layout vertical, horizontal, by hour, or any combination of the three. 

It comes with bold colors and stickers to spice up the goal setting worksheets and overall make handling your life a more fun and enjoyable habit. It does make things better when you can organize your busy life just the way that you want. 

6. For independent freethinkers

Source: Agendio from around $ 41.00

Now if you’re even more into personalized stuff, then you’re going to love Agendio that makes customized planners a next-level experience. You can choose your type of planner from size to layout to details. A standard planner will have the general daily, weekly, and monthly configuration, but if you’re more focused on personal growth, customize the personal year calendar; or have a mix of both. Agendio fits any purpose of using a planner, and you’ll find one that works for you without any extra stuff you won’t ever use.

7. For those who love to-do lists

Source: Ignited Life Planner $29.99

If Mondays sound threatening to you and you see yourself as an A-level procrastinator, then Ignited Life Planner will help you overcome your lunaediesophobia (AKA the Fear of Mondays) and chronic procrastination with an easily applicable method. 

Working on loads of projects at the same time is very overwhelming, but this undated planner will help you break down large projects into smaller, more manageable tasks. In just three steps, prioritize your 15 most important goals, write down your weekly and monthly action steps, as well as daily to-dos so that getting right to it sounds less intimidating.  

8. For those seeking peace of mind

Again a great choice for fans of colorful labeling and those who use writing to fight brain fog and poor focus. The Simple Elephant Planner is an undated daily and weekly agenda that uses positive psychology tactics like affirmations and gratitude statements to help you become a happier you. 

Besides making you envision your dream life in mindmaps and vision boards, it helps to incorporate a functional system in your schedule with colorful stickers. 

9. For those believing in the law of attraction

If you want to learn new ways how to manifest exciting things in your life, then Freedom Mastery offers various types of planners that will help you incorporate a bit of white magic into your daily schedule. 

The undated and dated planners, complete with colorful stickers, help to manage your routine to-do lists, at the same time reminding you of your purpose with meaningful questions and gratitude sections. While decluttering your brain and helping you focus, sticking your routine to this journal will also benefit the spiritual side of you. 

10.  For those needing discipline

If you want to track your progress of building new habits in a simple and smart way, then  Mastery Journal might be the one for you, offering techniques that help to stick to a productive routine in 100 days. The undated layouts comprise assessment tasks to get honest with yourself and rate your effectiveness. This bold and baroque hardcover is a great tool to bring in some discipline in your life.

11. For those passionate about planning

For those who find planning and organizing a creatively stimulating process, there is Passion Planner, a fave of many. There are dated, undated, and academic versions of the planner and they are wonderful for those who want to prioritize goals, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and spark creativity. 

The planner gives you weekly quotes and challenges to push yourself towards positive change, as well as giving you free space to write things down, doodle, or use it any way you like.

Our Final Thoughts:

As you see, choosing a planner depends on personal factors, and an organization system that works for businessmen may not work for busy moms or creative freethinkers. You don’t want to pay a fortune on features you’ll never use, nor you want to pay less to have a layout that doesn’t meet your needs.

Since productivity planners are meant to make scheduling easier and develop healthy habits, you have to find one that accommodates your needs just right. If you ask us, then our faves are Agendio that allows you to build a completely custom journal for your needs only, and a more universal, ready-made choice – Office Hero – that features a proven strategy fit for any person that aims to be more productive in all fields of life.

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