How To Stay Productive and Keep Your Energy Levels Up

How To Stay Productive and Keep Your Energy Levels Up - Luxafor

Finishing all your responsibilities for the day fosters a satisfying feeling, especially if you’ve been working on them for a while now. However, the constant grind can (and will) eventually burn you out. Using up all your energy for complicated tasks will leave you with no drive to take on simpler ones like doing the laundry, cooking for yourself, or attending to your hobbies.

That’s why it’s crucial to adopt a sustainable work routine to ensure you’ll still have the energy to do other things. In this article, we will discuss different ways to maintain your productivity and ensure that your energy level stays up — no matter how busy you are.

Go to Sleep Early

When you have enough sleep, you’ll feel well-rested and have more energy the following day. That’s because sleep regulates the body’s metabolism, which then influences its basic energy needs. 

So, with sufficient and high-quality rest, you can maintain your body’s ideal metabolic rate to ensure you have enough energy throughout the day. A good night’s sleep can also make you more alert, which allows you to stay focused and get things done much faster.

Get Out of Bed Right Away

If you’re not a morning person, you know it’s a struggle to wake up early. It can also be difficult to get out of bed even if you’re fully awake. But it turns out that getting up early can make you more productive as it gives you more time to plan out your day.

Additionally, early morning hours tend to be a quiet and peaceful time. This time frame then allows you to accomplish more things since you’ll have fewer distractions. Finishing your tasks early also gives you more time to focus on the little things that you may have ignored before.

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Create a Plan

Having a daily plan is a huge help in accomplishing your goals for the day. It allows you to understand what your priorities are and allot your time properly to ensure you finish everything.

Adopting a work strategy also ensures you can follow through with your plan. Among the most popular working methods is the Pomodoro technique, wherein you split your work into 25-minute intervals with five minutes of break in between. You can use either the timer function on your phone or get a dedicated Pomodoro timer to carry out this technique.

Knowing what you need to do reduces mental strain and anxiety, thereby allowing you to focus and give your best for each task. You’ll also feel more confident and accomplished since you can track your progress and improve your time management skills.

Keep Yourself Organized

On top of creating a plan, you also need to be organized to further improve your concentration and productivity. Keep your workspace clean to remove distractions and save time when locating important documents or supplies.

Moreover, a tidy desk will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and disorganized, so you can work more efficiently and concentrate on the things you need to do. It can also make you feel more relaxed and even boost your morale.

Being organized should also be observed even while on a business trip. Make sure you have all the equipment, documents, attire, and other supplies you need for your working visits. You should also double-check your itinerary so you can create a plan that will make the most out of your trip.

Take Breaks and Move Around

Non-stop work leads to fatigue and stress, so you must take a few minutes of break. Doing so allows you to stretch out your strained muscles and lets your brain rest from all the thinking you’ve been doing.

Moreover, going on a break can reduce your stress and improve your mood. Getting away from your screen also allows you to practice proper eye care, which is important in carrying out your daily tasks.

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Practice Self-care

At its core, self-care is an action that you take to maintain your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. It comes in many forms — taking bubble baths, splurging yourself, taking a walk, or simply sleeping in. Practicing self-care will not only keep you healthy, but it will also help you be more energetic and productive.

Here are other ways you can practice self-care to support your overall health and improve your productivity:

Meditate – Meditating can foster a sense of calmness and peace, thereby reducing stress and helping you be more focused. It deepens your ability to concentrate, lowers your stress levels, and gives you an energy boost.

Eat healthily – Following a healthy diet ensures you have the nutrients and energy you need to do your daily tasks. It also provides the nourishment the brain needs to function properly.

Exercise – Being physically active increases your energy levels, thereby giving you more power to do more things. Working out also helps you sleep soundly, improve your focus, and reduces stress  — all of which can lead to better productivity.

Take some time off – Working five times a week can be draining, even when you follow a routine. Going on a vacation will help you recharge and increase your morale, which can motivate you to be more productive at work. Remember to check your company’s leave policies first so you can efficiently plan your vacation time.


Consistency is a vital aspect when implementing strategies that aim to increase your productivity. It might be difficult at first, but being disciplined, keeping yourself organized, and prioritizing your overall well-being ensures that you will find ways to have the energy you need to be the most productive version of yourself.


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Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

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